Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 1 & 2: I want to brush my teeth

I guess it's been two days considering it's 21:35 on July 1st and I left at 10:30 on June 30th. But really it just feels like one real long day.


  • On the flight to Dallas a little girl in the row across the aisle from me asked, "Do you work on the plane?" and I said "No, Why?" and she said (defiantly, might I add), "'re wearing a plane necklace." Touche. I am wearing a plane necklace. I said "It's because I really like planes. Do you?" she says "YEP! We're going to AAAAM-a-bama to visit my cousin Buddy!!" (Alabama. So cute.)
  • The super nice guy is in the airports. First, the one in SLC who, after I asked if he needed to see my passport, just said "I just need to go dancing with you, Elizabeth!" Also the one at security check at Heathrow who called me "Sweetheart" in his delightful accent and helped me sort thru my stuff. And the other nice man at Heathrow who helped me figure out how to buy my Milka bar with my debit card (milk and white chocolate swirl!!) which I readily shared with friends and consumed.
  • Nice girl next to me on the flight to London who was going to be doing a study abroad thru Oklahoma State! Hope she has a nice time!!
  • The Oslo, Norway airport that looks like an Ikea store in airport form. Hard wood floors, people.
  • This TV playing behind me that sounds like this "OtfaHURdin NikLEGoooOOOlden alek HEG sig NIttaFEM fouuldemNiEllDEN."
In other news - we're here safe and sound and all is well. I'm in the hostel using the wifi. Our bathroom smells a little bit like a sweaty man but is otherwise clean and good. Everyone here is SUPER nice and kind and everyone does a great job of speaking English with us. 

We had a great dinner! (See below)

Ate Kebab wrap things. So big. I couldn't finish mine.

View heading back to our Hostel from the grocery store where I got a Mango/Peach(Fersken) Flavored water, Bilar candy, a little chocolate and some strawberries which are just as delicious as the strawberries in Scotland :)

Tomorrow we'll be touring more of the city in our Swedish bus (yellow extrior and blue and yellow interior. It's got Wifi but that only works in Sweden :( . The driver's name is "Johnny.") And then - after the tour - we're playing a concert - a dance, rather. Should be fun!

Love to you all from Norway!!

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