Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Days 7 & 8: Last days in Norway!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday - long day, late night.

We woke up in Oslo and were fortunate enough to get VIP access to the roof of the 2nd tallest building in Oslo! Views were great!

Me and Oslo - the worlds most expensive city.

We got lunch on our own and ate on top of the new Opera house - very cool and also very beautiful. 

The opera house - made of white Italian marble - supposed to look like an iceberg.

We then drove to Drammen, a much smaller but cleaner and beautiful town. We played a concert in the main square at 4:00 - the reception was only okay. The concert went well though. 


From there, we all split up into small groups and our host families took us home for dinner and various activities. For dinner we ate a DELICIOUS meal of a chicken -curry like thing with rice. We had brownies and strawberries - THE WONDERFUL STRAWBERRIES - for dessert. 

Then we all went swimming in another fjord! Hooray! The water was FREEZING at first but with some coaxing from the girls we were able to swim and jump and have  a good time. The family we're staying with has 4 little girls from the age of 13 down to maybe 7? 8? They are adorable but VERY energetic - Jenny, Helene, Hannah and Heidi.

Swimming at the fjord!!

Today we had some time to spend in Drammen and shopped and such - i have some FAB new H7M purchases. Then we drove to Kongsberg for the Kongsberg jazz festival which as actually been around since the 60s! Who knew!!

Shopping in Drammen!!


We watched plenty of concerts and walked around the venues and stands and it was great fun. We played a PRIME time slot at 7:00 - the outdoor dinner area where we were paying was PACKED!
They gave us a "standing ovation except here they don't stand and clap, they just clap in unison. So they actually ASKED for an encore :) Apparently we're the first group to have received that at our venue in aLOG time so that was satisfying - and the concert really deserved it i think. It was good fun and very successful.

(The tent you see in the back covers the venue where we played!)

(beautiful old church in Kongsberg)

After that we went to see the Kluver big band - a jazz ensemble that plays Rolling Stones music.  There were many drunk people there and it was funny

(Big band on the main stage with the funny covering...Looks like a big balloon or something)

ow we're back and I'm so exhausted I could barf!! TTMI? Yeah, well....

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  1. Ahh! Everything sounds so awesome. Congrats on getting the standing ovation/clapping in unison! I'm so glad you're having fun! :D