Monday, March 30, 2009

i have this new idea

about a blog. I've always secretly wanted to have a blog like "PostSecret," "Seriously, So Blessed," or "Things White People Like." Why? Eh - it's that random drive to want to do something pretty cool that the rest of the world thinks is witty and cool, too.

I had an idea today. You see, my best friend and I were driving in a car to his house. We walked to the back parking lot, he opened my door, i unlocked and opened his and as we pulled away I glanced at the "100.3" on the radio/clock display. "Hmm..." i thought "is this one of those channels that plays random LDS music on Sunday afternoons?" And as though the radio waves had read my mind, a most peculiar rendition of Beethoven's 9th symphony began to play. A. There were words to it. And they were "original lyrics," mind you. 2. It was an acoustic guitar and the steriotypical LDS sound of a breathy female-type voice with just a little croaky grumble at the start of each phrase. I said "That's Beethovens 9th. Sick." And best friend turned off the radio immediately. He said "Eh, Mormons do tacky things."

And i think that's what i would call my blog if I were to indulge in the desire to start a SarcastyWittyPopularCatchyTrendyCoolNewBlog. "Tacky things that Mormons do." Or simply, "Mormons do Tacky Things."

Topics may inlcude:
1. many a post about tacky LDS music
2. many a post about the subculture of engagements, marriage and the pressures therein (DON'T get me stah-ted.....)
3. the perfectionist complex and the ever-uncomfortable judgements being passed (i.e. my testimony must not be very strong because i only got a B in my Book of Mormon class, or feeling like an old maid at age 22. So bizarre.)

Please, feel free to add some of your own ideas.

I think i'd made the layout all TrendyCool, you know. Typewriter fonts and black and whites. Or i could indulge in the glory of what is Tacky Mormon culture and make it look as scrap-booky as possible.

...we'll see.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I guess what i'm trying to say is that it's just really liberating to say to yourself: "Self, I want to feel free. I don't want to feel tied down. I want to wake up looking forward to what i'm going to be learning about. I want to enjoy doing my homework and enjoy the subjects i'm studying. So i'm going to take charge of my life, because it's my life. I'm going to step back and look at what makes me happy. I'm going to do what makes me happy and I'm going to find out for myself that it's what I should be doing, and if it is, indeed, what i should be doing then i'm going to do it, dangit, because that's what i'm supposed to do."

When there are people to meet, pictures to take, literature to absorb, and places to go, Schoenberg, Weburn and 12-tone row, post-serial, pandiatonic harmony just does. not. float. my. boat.

I get ancy. I feel all ADD and my mind wanders. Intensely, mind you. It doesn't wander so much when I think about interacting with people (which, by the way, is seriously impossible when you're in a rehearsal for 2 straight hours at a time playing "Jerome Robbins' Broadway Medley," or a Maria Schneider's rhythmically impossible brain vomit in E250 or E251 of the HFAC.) My boat is still not floating, here. And i can cry rivers, i can build bridges but..the boat still ain't gonna float till i do something about it, dag-nabbit!

So todays assignment?....Ahem....

Not gonna lie, i am LOVIN' me some Spanish subtitles in that one!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I miss...

english classes.

I loved. reading the American Literature or "Classic" literature.

I want some Charles Darnay, Santiago, Tess D'Urberville, Gulliver or Raskolnikoff!!

(Note to self:) Give me some classic literature, dangit!! I feel like I'm starving!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bragging Rights

I'll admit. I feel a lot like bragging this weekend.

I mean, who wouldn't feel like bragging at a time like this when life is so irrevocably lucky, and God is so undeniably glorious and kind?

But I'll be good. I promise not to boast (too much) aside from this blog.

But really, go ahead! Be jealous.

Cuz HE gave this to ME.

Allll riiiight.