Thursday, December 30, 2010

But Seriously....

If I could do anything in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD......

I would make movies.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coming to a Close

Semester is done
Gone the sun
From the lakes
From the hills
From the sky!
All is well?
Soon to rest,
God is nigh.

I will stop my griping, friends. I will. 
I think I'm "one of those" kinds of people who just needs to be unhappy for a minute, and then I can get over my bad self and move on. Right? Right.

The semester is almost over. I will celebrate it by making Grammy's Christmas cookies with my sister, on accounta she would have made them herself, but had some old friends and family to go visit instead.

Instead of complaining today, I'll mix it up a little.

I'll explain that I'm grateful for the chance to fail tests. I'm grateful for parents that have paid for my education my whole life, who have educated themselves, and who have insisted I use a dictionary when I have questions.

I'm grateful for my voice, that I can do plays, and that I can sing because it makes me feel happy.

I'm grateful for the people God puts in our path to brighten our days and make us feel better.
I'm happy for chocolate, even if it does make me feel porky when I eat too much.

I'm grateful for Christmas time, that for at least once in a year, people turn their hearts to Christ - even if just for a second. It is no coincidence that people are kinder, more giving, more loving and more caring at this time of year. It is the thinking of Christ, listening to music about Him, and living the way He would have us live - even if just for one month a year.

God bless us, everyone! And Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Good Deed

Found this in my drafts. Realized it never got posted. So sad. Betcha I lost points.

Blog 1:

See - for school I'm supposed to be blogging weekly. I have to admit, while I enjoy blogging  - I haven't been as religious about it as I should be. And for some reason - this semester has dried me up. It seems like whenever I try to do something good for myself or anyone else, a thousand not-good things creep in and take over.

Like my "good deed." We (my writing class) were assigned to try to find someone more stressed out than we were (it being the last week of school and all.) I'm currently in a local production of A Christmas Carol, with like 60 cast members. I thought - with it being the last week of school for many of them, or many of them have kids - for whom it's the last week of school - and it was opening week of the show - why not try to do something nice and good for these stressed people?

So I brought cookies.  I brought delicious, huge, local-bakery-made cookies. A wide assortment, mind you, and VERY festive. I'm talking red and green M&M's here.

I brought the cookies. And sitting on my counter - still - are 6 of those cookies. They didn't go over too well. Mind you, the little kids liked them, sure.  And some people seemed to enjoy them. I, myself, enjoyed two.

I always thought cookies made life better. Ah well.

Blog 2: The continuation of thought.

This has been happening a lot lately.

Seems like every time I try to make a good, healthy, home-cooked meal, the pot boils over, or the bottom gets burned.

When I study my (expletive) off for a test, I get a 60-something.

If I try to watch what I eat, I GAIN weight.

Management at work seems to notice only the few times I fall through rather than the many times I pull through.

When you make an offer on a house, it falls through and the sellers change their minds, anyway!

And what's worst is I'm not even just failing to look on the bright side. This is all just fact, people! Cynic aside!!

I just don't understand the change in tide.

Sunrise, sunset, I suppose...