Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goldfish, Fiber One Bars and Bottled Water

That's what I'm eating right now.

I feel good about it because it's water - not soda. I gave up soda in high school and rarely ever drank it. Then I started dating the husband and hanging out with my family and his family and began to bask in the joy of the headache-free caffeinated body. Then I would feel regret when the caffeine induced the caffeine-crash headache. So I've pulled myself out of that cycle. And I'm drinking a bottled water.

I payed $2.00 for this bottle of water. I could have only payed $1.89 just down the hall, but for an extra 20 cents I could get it cold. Mmmm.. But the real point is - why must I pay two whole dollars to partake of the world's most abundant resource? Food for thought. 

In addition, I heard that drinking a lot and staying hydrated while you travel internationally can help you feel less jet-laggy. 

Moving on. 

I ate a fiber one bar. They're delicious and full of fiber. "They" say that fiber is what fills you up. We'll see how full I feel. 

I'm also eating WHOLE GRAIN goldfish. They pretty much taste the same as regular goldfish - just slightly different. I actually prefer the slightly different taste of whole grain. And whole grain is GOOD for you, right? Just like the fiber.
What it all comes down to is the fact that I refuse - REFUSE to partake of the post-plane-travel gross, jumbly, potentially-gassy, and all around greasy feelings. 

Go,  fight, win! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

If you watch LOST:

You'll love this:

Even if you DON'T watch LOST, you'll love it. It's pretty great.

The husband and I have been watching LOST. We just finished the 3rd season. Quite the show, I say. We decided that we'll ration them out so I have x number of episodes to watch on the airplane and such on my way to Scandinavia.

Did you know I'm going to Scandinavia? Well I am! On a musical tour with the BYU Jazz ensemble, Synthesis. When the tour is over, the husband is flying out to meet me in Copenhagen. We'll then spend an additional 2 and a half weeks going around Poland, Sweden, Scotland and England.


I'll blog as I/we go!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Every once in a while, when I'm feeling dehydrated, I fill this one GINORMOUS plastic cup we have full of water and sit down to drink it.

And I don't like looking into the water to notice little bits of...whatever...floating around.


I miss having a dish washer.

I'm Famous!

No - I didn't animate this film. But I DO play the trombone for the musical score (which won tons of awards!) Yep that's ME with all those "wahh wahhhh" solos.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things that are True

1. There's nothing like a mint-chocolate-chip ice cream cone on a hot day.

2. It is possible to do hard things - like a cycling class.

3. Once you've made up your mind, you can change anything about your life.

4. If you wish you were doing something else with your life - just do it. There's no reason not to.

5. People everywhere are just people. No funny business.

6. Sunshine feels REAL good.

Skeletons ARE funny, everyone!!

You got it, folks!
Sure, it could be considered a little risque if you could actually know...stuff.

But really. Skeletons. In stilettos. 


In other news, I just found out that she:

died today. Thank you for a beautiful, lasting image of joy!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jordan Rose, Drummer Extraordinaire!!

Had a great shoot today with Jordan! Hire him for all your drumming needs!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Obligatory Post

I'm posting this video because I have to. There is no other way. When something is this wonderfully cute in every possible way (literally) - the opportunity to post it and personally promote its cuteness can not be passed up.


I remembered something the other day and it made me laugh.

Remember in elementary school or middle school when someone would "cut one?" It was pretty much the most heinous violation of childhood classroom law. Kids would squeal "Eeeeeeeww!!" and shout accusations:
"Whoever smelt it dealt it!"
Only to be successfully averted with something like: 
"Whoever accused it fused it!" 
Followed by a stinger:
"Whoever denied it supplied it."
Which is practically begging for the effective, yet ironic, "triple-dog-dare" of fart-dom:
"Whoever rhymed it crimed it."

When I was this age, I heartily participated in the battle of comebacks and denial. But I also developed, what I thought to be, a very effective theory.

To solve the mystery of "who really dealt it?" I figured that people should just have a tracking system. Like unto a video game like The Sims, people should just have a small, blue (yes, my vision called specifically for a blue) dot of some sort appear above their heads for each farty offense. Then there would be no issue. Everyone would have their daily number of farts prominently exposed above their heads. They might even become a point of pride: "Yeah, man, I've got 17 dots today. Boo-yeah." And, best of all, we'd never have to wonder who-done-it.

I thought it was a great idea.

Granted, I also thought the song I wrote called "Rockin' in my Socks"* was pretty awesome, too.

*Two verses for your viewing pleasure (slash the only ones I remember):
Rockin' in my socks, it feels kinda keen
Rockin' in my socks, if you know what I mean
Rockin' in my socks

Rockin' in my socks without my dancin' shoes
Rockin' in my socks without my sneakers, too
Rockin' in my socks

(Hey - I listened to the oldies station pretty religiously, okay?)

Friday, June 11, 2010


When I was younger, it was really easy to think about what I wanted to "be" when I grew up. On my list from yester-year are things such as: an Orthodontist, an Egyptologist, a Musician, a Physical Therapist, a Cardiologist, a Teacher and a Culinary Artist.

Problem #1: From a very young age, we assume that what we do for a living IS who we are.

I think it was easy, then, because any whim I had that interested me could very well be what I decided would be my future. Depending on what I was studying in school - I could choose it as a profession!

Probelm #2: Whims are far too interesting for me too ignore, but maybe I take them too seriously.

Then it came time to apply for college. Junior year of high school I was ambitious. I was going to apply and audition for 5 music schools - to see where I could go, even though I was pretty set on BYU. HOLD UP! Audition for music schools? What made me decide that? Well, by the time high school ended that's all I had done. Band band band band. So that's what I was good at. So that's what I figured I should do for the rest of my life.

Problem #3: Assumption that you should enjoy, wholeheartedly, something that you're good at and pursue it 'till you die.

Senior year I lost that ambition and only applied for BYU. I was accepted and started, again with the assumption that since I didn't take as many other subject classes in high school, I wouldn't be able to puruse those things in college.

Problem #4: The stigma that you need previous training in something to begin it. Now that's an oxymoron if you ask me.

Freshman year I front-loaded my schedule with music classes, figuring that if I immersed myself in it, I'd be able to tell if I really liked it or not. Then I'd be able to decide if I wanted to continue. Turns out, I didn't like it very much, but I felt locked in to the major because of the large amount of music credits I had accumulated in my first year.

Problem #5: College - what you do to puruse your dreams - was hindering me from pursuing other things (or at least the collegiate strucutre was...)

Sophomore year I was still pretty unhappy. I changed my emphasis in music from performance to contemporary music so at least the major was a little more palletable. I figured music business would be fun. It's the practical side of work that I like plus all the music credits I've accumulated. Not so.

Problem #6: I deceived myself into thinking the program is something it's not.

Junior year. I met with the asst. dean of fine arts, my advisers, my parents and everyone thinkable to know if I could change my major, what I would change it to, substitute some classes that would benefit me in a professional career for some other classes in the music major,  or (if I don't change) how fast can I get myself out of school!??! Great potential in other degree programs, sure, but for some, I have too many credits to even apply. For others, I'd be in school an extra 3-5 semesters. Boo. I decided I'd rather be done with school in a "just fine" major, than in school longer for a degree I love.

Problem #7: Lack of flexibility with my own education.

So here I am, waiting to start my last year of college. What am I going to do afterward? 

I have no idea.

And it makes me really, really nervous.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh so Clever Mix-ups

This is arguably the only Lady GaGa song I can say I "like." And I like it even better this way:

Among other favorites like "Scary Mary" and the "Toy Story 2/Dark Night Trailer" is this one - Pocahontas v. Avatar. Oh so accurate:


Monday, June 7, 2010

So I've been a little dried up, lately.

Yeah - I have.

I wouldn't say I've been avoiding blogging, but I can't say I've been particularly motivated to do so, either. That's because of this rut I'm in. I have ideas, sure, to post blogs about. Maybe the wedding I went to last week or a thought I had about human kind. But I don't always feel so confident in my ideas. Sometimes I feel they're golden, sometimes I don't care and sometimes I'm just not feeling it.

So I justify not blogging. I'm just too busy or I have better things to do. 

And then I feel guilty for not posting. Plus - I LIKE to blog. It makes me feel happy and good because when I blog I tend to think more positively. So I wonder - have I lost my creativity and/or imagination? Is there something wrong with me? Have I dried out, completely?

But then I got to thinking about cycles of life. And I felt better about drying up a little. I figure everything's got a cycle. The seasons go around and around, wet-dry-soggy-dry-wet-etc. All the way throughout the year! Women have a monthly cycle where - well...we all know what happens. Highways have cycles throughout the day of free-flowing traffic and congestion. Wheels get flat but we inflate them again. Lightbulbs burn out but we replace them. Everything has a cycle.

So I'm not so strange and maybe shouldn't feel so guilty for my lack of posting witty thoughts/inspiring ideas/neat pictures/happy videos/etc. 

What matters the most, I think, is that maybe I'm out of my rut. I believe I'm past my mental ovulation, and my blogger-PMS is over. It's monsoon season, baby! The tires are pumped, the lightbulbs replaced and tah-DAH I'm ready to go!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Photo Shoot

I've been busy and I'm getting many more photog jobs. Hooray!!

Here are some of my favorite B/W from my latest shoot with a coworker's family: