Monday, June 28, 2010

If you watch LOST:

You'll love this:

Even if you DON'T watch LOST, you'll love it. It's pretty great.

The husband and I have been watching LOST. We just finished the 3rd season. Quite the show, I say. We decided that we'll ration them out so I have x number of episodes to watch on the airplane and such on my way to Scandinavia.

Did you know I'm going to Scandinavia? Well I am! On a musical tour with the BYU Jazz ensemble, Synthesis. When the tour is over, the husband is flying out to meet me in Copenhagen. We'll then spend an additional 2 and a half weeks going around Poland, Sweden, Scotland and England.


I'll blog as I/we go!


  1. Oh, fabulous! To go to Scandinavia has been my greatest wish since I was about 10 and did a school project about Norway. I hope you really enjoy it!

    Kate x

  2. i got through the 3rd season too but beyond that it's just TOO MUCH