Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goldfish, Fiber One Bars and Bottled Water

That's what I'm eating right now.

I feel good about it because it's water - not soda. I gave up soda in high school and rarely ever drank it. Then I started dating the husband and hanging out with my family and his family and began to bask in the joy of the headache-free caffeinated body. Then I would feel regret when the caffeine induced the caffeine-crash headache. So I've pulled myself out of that cycle. And I'm drinking a bottled water.

I payed $2.00 for this bottle of water. I could have only payed $1.89 just down the hall, but for an extra 20 cents I could get it cold. Mmmm.. But the real point is - why must I pay two whole dollars to partake of the world's most abundant resource? Food for thought. 

In addition, I heard that drinking a lot and staying hydrated while you travel internationally can help you feel less jet-laggy. 

Moving on. 

I ate a fiber one bar. They're delicious and full of fiber. "They" say that fiber is what fills you up. We'll see how full I feel. 

I'm also eating WHOLE GRAIN goldfish. They pretty much taste the same as regular goldfish - just slightly different. I actually prefer the slightly different taste of whole grain. And whole grain is GOOD for you, right? Just like the fiber.
What it all comes down to is the fact that I refuse - REFUSE to partake of the post-plane-travel gross, jumbly, potentially-gassy, and all around greasy feelings. 

Go,  fight, win! 


  1. Way to go, Lizzy! :) I like the whole grain goldfish, too. And I do hope that with such forces fighting for you, you'll avoid the plane nastiness.

  2. Have fun on tour! That's so cool that your man is coming to be with you the last bit! :)