Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Kids

Meet Roscoe.
Yes, you  may call him "Ross." 

For the last couple of months I've been lending my super-duper camera to a friend who's in a legit photog class. And, because I always forget to charge the battery for my point-and-shoot camera, I have delayed the blog post about our pets - Liv and Roscoe - the Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platys we adopted as a Valentine's Day celebration on Monday the 15th!!!

Well, on Friday I got my camera back! (My friend's class was a block - 1/2 semester long.) I was thrilled to come home and post a blog about Liv and Roscoe this weekend so you could all meet them. They're wonderful, you see.

The story goes like this - Spencer and I woke up late for church this morning and around 10:30 proceeded to get ready for the 11:00 meeting in a wild frenzy.  In our state of mild panic, I didn't even think to check on "the kids" (as we call them) or feed them - I assumed Spencer had.

While I was putting on my coat in the process of running out the door, Spencer said in an almost unintelligable way "I'msorrybutIcan'twaitthreemoreourstotellyou

After processing I ran to the fish tank in alarm saying "WHICH ONE!?"

It was Liv. 

We got out the "fish stuff" and scooped her little body out with our $1.99 royal blue fish net scooper. We plopped her frail, stiff body into the toilet. I insisted Spencer say "some words" while I stared at her, unflinchingly, to look for any last signs of life and movement.  But alas - with a sigh and an "amen" we flushed her.

So - meet Roscoe.
Yes, you may call him "Ross."
He is now, again, an elligible batchelor
...and widower. :(

These are a Few of my Favorite Things:

1. A husband who is loving and caring and gentle and kind. :)

2. Clean kitchens. So I can relax.

3. New bars of soap. So aromatic and smooth!!

4.  Multi-vitamins. I've been barely scraping by without them!

5. The FABULOUS hot temperatures achieved by our shower. Glorious spa-like bliss every day.

6. Framing prints I've owned for over a year. RELIEF!

7. Knowing that God knows me. Doi. It just feels good.

8. Sweet Mint Orbit gum. The best flavor, I do declare.

9.  Those handy "Air-Blade" hand dryers. SO effective (and fun!)

10. Bobby pins. They work wonders.

11. Free Dave Matthews Band concert tickets. For obvious reasons.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Portfolio!

I got my act together and compiled some of "my work."

Let me know what you think!

That will take you to my temporary portfolio.  Turns out - it's hard to fit building a website in with work and school and marriage and such - so it's just a simple layout with pictures. But, really, that's all you need - right?

As you may know - I'm really trying to build up my portfolio - I've done two other weddings beyond what I have displayed in the portfolio (didn't feel like hooking up my external hard drive just now) and I've got 2 engagement sessions pending (1 in editing process, the other is happening in about a week.)

I can do head-shots, family photos, child portraits, senior portraits - and all that jazz! Please let me know if you're interested in any of those things with me or if you have friends who would be interested.

I just want to take your picture!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Effects of Excessive Water Consumption

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else thinks the way I do. Sometimes I hope they do! But sometimes it's probably better that no one does...

Allow me to relate to you one of the more unusual thoughts that often crosses my mind.
I will begin with a story.

I work at an office on the campus of Brigham Young University. I spend approximately twenty hours a week in that office. The end.

Twenty hours a week + sitting at a computer for at least 2 hours at a time = much water consumption.

Much water consumption = many bathroom breaks.

During these bathroom breaks, I walk about 50 feet down the hall, enter the "Women's" room and proceed to enter the first stall on the left.  I daresay, that unless it is occupied or unless I've made up my mind to absolutely NOT use the first stall on the left, I always use the first stall on the left. Since this behavior has started at work, I have noticed that I typically gravitate toward the first stall (on the left or right - I'm non-discriminatory) in other lavatory locations.

Having recognized this behavior, I have come to wonder if other people are like me. Does everyone have a favorite stall? You know, a favorite stall - like one might have a favorite color or number - something that is otherwise meaningless but seems to be important when pointed out or discussed?

It has also made me think of science. So much so, in fact, that part of me wants to go down to the local "Sammy's Science Store" (if only there was one....) and buy some Petrie dishes to perform experiments.  You see, the first stall to the left is almost always vacant.  I don't think many people's favorite stall, if they have a favorite, is the first one.  Perhaps they want to avoid the situation that every soul who enters or exits the bathroom must walk past the first stall, or a line could likely form just in front of it? I'm not sure - but stall #1 just isn't Ms. Popular.*

*disclaimer: when a line has formed, as in the case of show intermissions, class breaks and other such events, the first stall is used just as much as any and isn't necessarily avoided.  It is the "down times" of which I speak - where any given client has the choice of just about any stall they want. And they hardly choose the first.

My friends, this is why the first stall is my favorite.  People avoid it = less usage = less yucky-scary bathroom germs infested in the first stall to the left.  At least, this is what I have concluded with concrete and deliberate observation.

I do hope one day to confirm this theory with science.

I guess I've been hearing rumors...

See - a bunch of my friends (the "old married" type) said that one of the reasons marriage is so great is because you get to go to bed earlier!!

I guess that had something to do with the fact that back in the living-in-separate-apartments-angsty-life-stinks-want-to-spend-every-second-possible-together days time did seem to get consumed in non-productive ways so that you were, indeed, up till the wee hours of the morning finishing all your work.

WELP! It's twenty after one. Verdict is out - marriage doesn't detract from busy-ness. Luckily there's no stress of apartment/BYU curfews and mushy-painful goodbyes to deal with. But it's still very, very late. And tomorrow I suppose i will be very, very tired.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spontaneous Dinner Recipe

I was going to make a delicious romantic dinner for the Husband for Valentine's day.  BUT we went to his parent's house on V-day to celebrate his sister's birthday. And Saturday night I was tied up with a Synthesis concert. And Monday the Husband had a big date planned (which was delicious.) All plans foiled.

So I committed to making dinner - a nice Sunday dinner - yesterday. To celebrate the first and only Sunday we've had to ourselves since we got married.

It was so good. When I was at Target shopping for it, I grabbed a handful of delightful looking ingredients that I wasn't quite sure how i was going to use - but it turned out brilliantly!

1. Gnocchi - tri-color - boiled with salt and doused in maranara sauce (lightly - just to coat!)
2. Chicken breast - dipped in butter and then in a mix of bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, garlic powder and Italian seasoning
3. A "Rose" cream sauce with warm Ricotta cheese, garnished with garlic powder and Parsley for the chicken and gnocchi
4. Shrimp Cocktail appetizer for Spencer
5. Dinner rolls with Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar/Pepper/Seasoning dip
6. Spinach salad with dried cranberries, candied walnuts, bacon bits, feta cheese and Greek dressing
7. Sparkling Cider Martinelli to celebrate

Really - it was all quite delicious!
I would highly recommend it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jocelyn & Jason

I did engagement pictures for them. They're such a fabulous looking couple!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm a human, okay?

I've been very frustrated, lately. It's been less of the "get-out-of-my-way-you're-bothering-me" kind of frustrated, and more of that terrible feeling of freshly-cut-fingernails-on-a-stark-dry-bath-towel kind of frustrated. The kind where you feel like there's a little creature gnawing at you somewhere that you just want to kick away but you can't find him.  The kind where you feel like you're a WAY to big fish in a WAY too small pond - the kind of "big fish" situation that suffocates you, not makes you look awesome.

I think I realized why.

I have many ambitions. I've got small things I want to do - like read classic literature (or read anything at all) or cook more or exercise more - but I've got big things too! I want to live in exotic places. I have about 5,694 business ideas I'd love to get off the ground. I have books I want to write, skills I want to learn, shows I want to be in and things I just want to BE.

People say this is impossible.
You know, to do everything.

Those People say "Well, you're not a writer. Who are you to write a book?" or "You're not a photographer. Who are you to be taking pictures?" or "You're not an advertising major - who are you to want to intern at a design agency?"

Hence, the frustration.

It's not impossible, really.  In my own way and in my own head it works out. Also - I'm a human. And since I'm a human I can do those things.  Lots of other humans are doing them, so why can't I?


That fact alone empowers me to do whatever I want. Humans have ideas. Humans DO things. And all it takes to DO something is a good idea (and a little will-power).

I think I WILL write a book - because I'm a person. A person who can write. A person with ideas who can write them down for other people to read.

I WILL be a photographer because I like it. I enjoy it. And I'm good at it. I have ideas. I crave knowledge about it and I'll keep learning. What more do I need? - a degree? A certificate that says "I'm a photographer. I enjoy it. I'm good at it. I have ideas. I crave knowledge about it." Seriously?

I think who someone "IS" or what someone "DOES" shouldn't require documentation. I really think a person can BE whoever they want or DO whatever they want regardless of formalities.  It should be obvious that whatever it is is a part of them - part of the way they live. And that should be enough.

I guess now I've just got to Do It and Be It and never turn back.  And no-one can tell me it's impossible.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Even though Monday was a holiday - this week felt like an eternity. Don't ask me why because, really, I don't quite know.

But I do know it was a good week!
Highlights Include:
Monday -
Sleeping in
Bringing Liv and Roscoe home (pictures to come!!)
Going to the movies to see Avatar (for the first time since "New Moon" came out. Seriously.)
Surprise dinner at the Chef's Table

Tuesday -
Did not have Synthesis rehearsal
Work meeting was cancelled
Chef's Table leftovers
Install Google Analytics on my blog

5-7 class got out early after a discussion about Twitter
"Special Dinner" at In-N-Out burger (my first time! My how fresh it tastes!)

Skipped STATS ( I learned more from doing the reading.)
Watched "Pushing Daisies" over dinner
Rearranged/centered the wall hangings
Met with Bishop MacDonald. He's rad.

Well, maybe I'll figure out what I want to do with my life. You know, make lists and things. Maybe I'll decide to audition for a show. Maybe I'll practice more. It's up in the air. I did look at some job openings on campus  - just curiosity - and found a great BYU Public Relations job - I'd be going around to schools in Utah and out of the state to pitch the University to high school students. Sounds cool.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't Rain on My Parade.

You know - I feel like that sometimes.
Or maybe i just get it confused with wanting to be that sometimes.
Either way, the rousing syncopation hits home.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Blog Title

I'd like to rename my blog. "Dizzy's Place" was literally just a filler name when I created this thing like, 3 years ago and surprise! I'm still not in love with it.

Any suggestions?

Blessings I ask for today:

this beautiful photo is from axioo

Please bless that I won't be a dismissive, head-shaking old person when I am an old person.

And also that I won't lose my ability to be an aggressive driver.

Please bless that I won't ever become inherently frumpy, and that, even if I am, it never effects my performance in daily activities.

Please bless that I will not become a chronic apologizer so as to demean myself and those around me. (More on this to come.)

Please bless that I will be able to follow through with all my marvelous, universe-altering plans.

Please bless that I will start to appreciate school and not just wish it away because it makes me have to wake up early.

Please bless that I will be able to wake up early.

Please bless that I will be able to look forward to waking up early so I can live another day and be glad for all that is around me.

I'm having trouble...

On Mondays and Wednesdays I'm supposed to wake up around 7:30 so I can get ready for my day, leave my apartment at 8:30, and walk to class to be there by 9.

This doesn't happen successfully very often.

Sometimes I don't leave by 8:30 so I'm late. Or I drive to campus (which is not ideal.)

But sometimes (like yesterday and today) I feel like death has overcome me in the morning and I'd rather have a few extra hours of sleep then a working knowledge of music history pre-Bach. Can you blame me?

Cozy bed, sleepy husband, warm PJ's, dreams, no rude-awakening showers/makeup/etc, and the sweet thought of breakfast lingering in the near future


Hard chairs, text books, Gregorian chant, a half an hour walk in the cold and no where else to go for the next 2 hours.

I must admit, the teacher's Australian accent makes everything a little more bearable - but it's not quite as enticing as the prospect of delightful repose.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I suppose i slept well enough last night because I remembered a dream I had.

I dreamed a dream that I opened a store on a whim. I saw an available space, decided to rent it and set up a store. I opened it even before the window displays were complete or there was enough merchandise to fill the shelves!

But the customers didn't seem to mind. And there were many customers. At first they were just my friends, but then there were strangers and new people coming into my store!!

It was a great store, too. It was like a more approachable Anthropologie - quirky and stylish but not nearly as "serious." (Or expensive.) There was lots of green and natural wood involved.

And one thing I remember specifically was ordering a supply of $13, burlap pillows with an image of Abraham Lincoln imprinted on the front. Very cool.

This pillow.

This image (minus the gray background.)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love Balloons.

I really do. I bought some at the store yesterday for spencer for Valentine's Day and I've been absolutely, 100% delighted with their presence in my home.

They're so cheerful and inspiring, you see, because they float! What, other than helium-filled balloons, really just floats (in the air, that is)! There's something so composed about it and so epic. But balloon's are rather unassuming about the fact that they can float and nothing else, really, can. I've never once felt taunted by their aptitude to, literally, reach for the sky.

I love the colors, too. There's something regal and majestic about a shiny, solid colored balloon floating confidently with the rest of the pack. I've never really been one to like the tie-dye looking balloons and I think that's because I find the multi-color look distracting. The tie-dye balloons are trying to be the whole bunch of balloons in ONE. And I just don't think it works like that. I think that tie-dye balloon must be pretty insecure, trying to be all the colors at once - - you can't please everyone, you know.

I think I'll buy myself a balloon every once in a while and tie it to my wrist. There's no way to be unhappy, then.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

God bless.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning

I slept in. It's been a LONG while since I've slept in so well (despite the bizarre over-heating, adjustment moment around 7:30.)


1) My heart melted when this came on my iTunes. I hope it melts yours.

I want to be able to play the piano to play THIS kind of stuff. Stride, blues, New Orleans, be-bop. I suppose Mozart's pretty okay, This style just makes me want to CRY. It touches me somewhere a lot of other music can't even reach. Something about it is so deep inside me.

2) I was listening to Coldplay and looking through the pictures from Justin Hackworth. Lyrics stood out to me:
I feel safe, I feel warm when you're here
Then I do no wrong
I am cured, when I'm by your side
I'm alright, alright

I am safe, when I am with you
And I feel warm, If you want me too
I am cured, when I'm by your side
I'm alright

Careful where you stand, My love
Careful where you lay your head
It's true we're always looking out for one another

I am so happy to be married to the most handsome, wonderful man in the world. And I couldn't help but smile and think about how luckyluckylucky and blessedblessedblessed I am to have him. He's so gentle and sweet, takes SUCH good care of me and we're SO very much in love. I'm glad I've got a permanent Valentine this weekend and for always.

3) LIFE cereal (cinnamon) is the best. No one can argue this point with me.

4) Synthesis - "BYU's premier Jazz Ensemble!!" - isn't SO bad. Just the rehearsals are. As the semester progresses, I'm finding I'm having second thoughts about never doing it again. As in - this is my last semester?! EEK! Since 9th grade, I've never known what schooling is like WITHOUT jazz band rehearsal every or every other day. A faint nervousness consumes me.

5) Weekends are beautiful. Becasue on weekends, it's easier for me to see how life (not the cereal - but okay, maybe also the cereal) is beautiful.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So sad when you're trying to be a home-y, craft-y wife and your pumpkin chocolate chip muffins get burned in your ancient, gas stove.


Post Script:

I want more followers!! It has to do with the fact that:

a) I want to change lives and touch people and such.

b) It would make me feel good about myself. Would it not make you feel good about yourself?

c) There is no C. I'm just really liking the way the "abc" list looks with parenthesis next to them.

What could I do to make my blog more followable? Do I need to post more often? Should my posts have more of a theme? Should it be more or less personal? Should you share it with everyone you know!? Should I make it more stylin'? Take away the picture clutter on the left? Suggestions??

I realized

something about Jesus the other day.

Mainly, when people talk about the atonement of Jesus Christ, they talk about how great it is that he suffered for our sins, pains, sorrows and afflictions so that we can have someone to relate with us when we are going through a hard time.

What I realized, though, is that his suffering exactly what we have suffered is the means by which he can be our perfect judge. He can look at us and say "yeah, i know," when we explain ourselves - why we did what we did and he GETS IT.

That, to me, is a lot cooler. What if every judge in the United States judged us, having a complete-100%-perfect-all-knowing knowledge of our feelings and actions and everything in between?

I love how thorough the Gospel is.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monica's Bridals

I went to the Capital building last Saturday in SLC to shoot some bridals and groomals of my friends Monica and David. Here are a couple favorites:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

By the way:

I feel like I can do cool things. Check this out:

My brother-in-law, Ames (yes. I have a brother now. Cool or WHAT?) anyway, he asked me to do some head shots for him for this actor thingy something or other. Doesn't matter why - - actors need head shots. And i did some for Ames. (With a camera, of course.) And i think they turned out really well. And i think i'd like to do more sometime. So if you know anyone who needs their head to be shot with my camera, let me know. And tell 'em I'll do 'em for reeeall cheap, now, see?


So far in 2010:

-New Glasses
-New Apartme
nt and such

These things ar
e a pretty big deal, I think. Here's why:

Big changes means resolve. At least for me it means resolve. I seems like when I do one Big Thing, it emp
owers me to believe I
can do more Big Things. For instance - I got my hair chopped off - literally about 8 inches of difference! That helped me to decide it would be okay to get wacky glasses. Why? I'm not sure. But crazy decision #1 promotes crazy decision #2.

Marriage. This is empowering me to do even Bigger Things. Lately, I've been assessing various bus
iness ideas and looking at the library for books like "101 Best Small Businesses for
Women." Unfortunately, I'm not done with school yet. This is sort of a big obstacle but sort of not - because as a BYU student I get access to things like the "Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology." That's sort of a cool deal and could really help me.

The up-side to the school drool is that I only have 2-ish semesters left. 9 credits for Spring, a tour to Scandinavia and a sanctuary in Maine for summer, 14-16 credits for Fall and only 13 for Winter. Then it's over. Granted, "over" is in approximately 435 days (or something) but still.

Today Spencer asked "Where do you want to work after you graduate?" I told him that I've been wondering the same thing for months. Educationally, I've got ideas:

-Graphic Design
-Marriage & Family Therapy
-Mass Communications
-and such

But as far as a "career" goes?! I'm stumped. Any ideas?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So HELP me if the guys sitting in the front row who took the electrical outlets today - MY outlets - stay on Google Earth during the entire class period.

Don't worry - I sat in the second row to monitor. :)