Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I suppose i slept well enough last night because I remembered a dream I had.

I dreamed a dream that I opened a store on a whim. I saw an available space, decided to rent it and set up a store. I opened it even before the window displays were complete or there was enough merchandise to fill the shelves!

But the customers didn't seem to mind. And there were many customers. At first they were just my friends, but then there were strangers and new people coming into my store!!

It was a great store, too. It was like a more approachable Anthropologie - quirky and stylish but not nearly as "serious." (Or expensive.) There was lots of green and natural wood involved.

And one thing I remember specifically was ordering a supply of $13, burlap pillows with an image of Abraham Lincoln imprinted on the front. Very cool.

This pillow.

This image (minus the gray background.)


  1. well, now that i imagine, that pillow would be really cool !
    you could sell the ideia :D

  2. Neat :-) Remembering your dreams means you are more self-aware, more in tune with your subconscious and at peace with yourself, so I hear. :-)