Friday, February 19, 2010


Even though Monday was a holiday - this week felt like an eternity. Don't ask me why because, really, I don't quite know.

But I do know it was a good week!
Highlights Include:
Monday -
Sleeping in
Bringing Liv and Roscoe home (pictures to come!!)
Going to the movies to see Avatar (for the first time since "New Moon" came out. Seriously.)
Surprise dinner at the Chef's Table

Tuesday -
Did not have Synthesis rehearsal
Work meeting was cancelled
Chef's Table leftovers
Install Google Analytics on my blog

5-7 class got out early after a discussion about Twitter
"Special Dinner" at In-N-Out burger (my first time! My how fresh it tastes!)

Skipped STATS ( I learned more from doing the reading.)
Watched "Pushing Daisies" over dinner
Rearranged/centered the wall hangings
Met with Bishop MacDonald. He's rad.

Well, maybe I'll figure out what I want to do with my life. You know, make lists and things. Maybe I'll decide to audition for a show. Maybe I'll practice more. It's up in the air. I did look at some job openings on campus  - just curiosity - and found a great BYU Public Relations job - I'd be going around to schools in Utah and out of the state to pitch the University to high school students. Sounds cool.

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  1. Oh man! Isn't Chef's table a dream?! Ry took me there for Valentine's Day a couple years ago - I was shocked at the price! But after tasting the food it was perfect.