Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm having trouble...

On Mondays and Wednesdays I'm supposed to wake up around 7:30 so I can get ready for my day, leave my apartment at 8:30, and walk to class to be there by 9.

This doesn't happen successfully very often.

Sometimes I don't leave by 8:30 so I'm late. Or I drive to campus (which is not ideal.)

But sometimes (like yesterday and today) I feel like death has overcome me in the morning and I'd rather have a few extra hours of sleep then a working knowledge of music history pre-Bach. Can you blame me?

Cozy bed, sleepy husband, warm PJ's, dreams, no rude-awakening showers/makeup/etc, and the sweet thought of breakfast lingering in the near future


Hard chairs, text books, Gregorian chant, a half an hour walk in the cold and no where else to go for the next 2 hours.

I must admit, the teacher's Australian accent makes everything a little more bearable - but it's not quite as enticing as the prospect of delightful repose.


  1. Oh, thank heavens for Dr. Howard. He's the MAN!

  2. hey I have Dr. Howard right before you! I have him for Music Civ at 8...and I feel your pain. It definitely helps that Tommy is a morning person and signed up for a class at 8 too so that we could walk up together...if it wasn't for that, I would be in big trouble.

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  5. I like what "the Universe" sent you in the sidebar. Nice writing.

  6. I know exactly how you feel, minus the whole husband thing. I look so awful every day because I don't get out of bed until 30 minutes before I have to leave. I don't think I've ever felt this tired before. What do we do to fix this my dear friend?

  7. Yeah, it's hard to get out of bed when you first get married...and it doesn't seem to be getting easier. Oh well!