Thursday, February 11, 2010

I realized

something about Jesus the other day.

Mainly, when people talk about the atonement of Jesus Christ, they talk about how great it is that he suffered for our sins, pains, sorrows and afflictions so that we can have someone to relate with us when we are going through a hard time.

What I realized, though, is that his suffering exactly what we have suffered is the means by which he can be our perfect judge. He can look at us and say "yeah, i know," when we explain ourselves - why we did what we did and he GETS IT.

That, to me, is a lot cooler. What if every judge in the United States judged us, having a complete-100%-perfect-all-knowing knowledge of our feelings and actions and everything in between?

I love how thorough the Gospel is.


  1. I love this too and have been thinking about it lately. I really like the way you worded it. Tommy always talks about how much he loves that we will not be judged as if we had no temptations and trials. It is so...perfect. Thanks for the good and uplifting thought!

  2. Yes, people overlook that. People overlook a lot of the most important parts of the Bible and skew and focus on a very few and believe that gives them the right to judge... I grew up in it, gave it up, now appreciating it again...