Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Kids

Meet Roscoe.
Yes, you  may call him "Ross." 

For the last couple of months I've been lending my super-duper camera to a friend who's in a legit photog class. And, because I always forget to charge the battery for my point-and-shoot camera, I have delayed the blog post about our pets - Liv and Roscoe - the Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platys we adopted as a Valentine's Day celebration on Monday the 15th!!!

Well, on Friday I got my camera back! (My friend's class was a block - 1/2 semester long.) I was thrilled to come home and post a blog about Liv and Roscoe this weekend so you could all meet them. They're wonderful, you see.

The story goes like this - Spencer and I woke up late for church this morning and around 10:30 proceeded to get ready for the 11:00 meeting in a wild frenzy.  In our state of mild panic, I didn't even think to check on "the kids" (as we call them) or feed them - I assumed Spencer had.

While I was putting on my coat in the process of running out the door, Spencer said in an almost unintelligable way "I'msorrybutIcan'twaitthreemoreourstotellyou

After processing I ran to the fish tank in alarm saying "WHICH ONE!?"

It was Liv. 

We got out the "fish stuff" and scooped her little body out with our $1.99 royal blue fish net scooper. We plopped her frail, stiff body into the toilet. I insisted Spencer say "some words" while I stared at her, unflinchingly, to look for any last signs of life and movement.  But alas - with a sigh and an "amen" we flushed her.

So - meet Roscoe.
Yes, you may call him "Ross."
He is now, again, an elligible batchelor
...and widower. :(

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  1. I feel for you lizzy- It's hard when they go.