Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 15: It's because my pants got wet.

Today was pretty slow. We left early (9:00) and drove to this monument in Esbjerg - the Man by the Sea, i believe it's called. Neat monument. Okay beach.

Because THAT beach was only "okay" - we had 10 minutes to spend looking at the dudes - they drove us to ANOTHER beach. I've heard rumors that Danish beaches are pretty spectacular.

They are.

We spent an hour here. Unfortunately that wasn't enough time, really, to get ready and go swimming and then get cleaned up. But i found some great shells! Conches, too! We saw crabs and jellyfish and fish fish and it was good fun. I loved it and it's been one of the highlights of this trip, I feel, along with swimming in the fjords in Norway.

We drove some more to an old viking church and cemetary. It's been around for over 1000 years now, i think!! We learned about a viking king named "Bluetooth." I betcha some Dane figured out bluetooth for technology and named it after him. They said the symbol for bluetooth is a mixture of the B, T and H in Bluetooth's name in Rune form. Makes sense.

Then we drove and drove and drove some more. Now we're in Aarhus, and we're going to jail tomorrow. 


It's true. We're going to play a concert for the inmates. Then we're playing at our FIRST indoor venue at the Aarhus jazz festival. Hooray!!!

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