Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 9: The Wheels on the Bus go 'Round and 'Round!

Today was pretty slow - overall.

Alia, Suzy and I woke up at our host family's house WAY too late. We were supposed to meet up with the bus AT 9:00 but our alarm didn't go off - neither did our host's alarm - so we ALL woke up at 8:45!!! In a mad rush, we got ready for the day (sans MANY typical morning routines), grabbed breakfast and ran out the door to the church to meet with the rest of the group. We were there by 9:30 - people weren't TOO upset :)

Then we drove all day! We were driving thru Sweden most of the day which was nice because our bus company is Swedish and they have WiFi on board - but it only works in Sweden. I was happy to be there. We stopped for lunch along the way and I had a great Mediterranean salad with a Hazelnut Magnum bar for dessert :)

To pass the time on the 7 hr drive, 12 of us teamed up for a pinochle tournament!! Kevin and I - the Knekkebrods - were in 2nd and 3rd place throughout the first wave so we made it to the finals. But we ended up coming in 4th overall. (We were dealt some pretty unlucky hands….) The Rainbow Pentagons came in 2nd and the Snazzy McGees came in first!!

Copenhagen behind me!

We drove thru Malmo on the coast and took a ferry to Copenhagen! Only about 15 minutes :) So neat to see both coasts at once! And I'm SO EXCITED to go back to Malmo in 12 days with my hussbaaannddddd :)!!!


Hamlet's Castle in Copenhagen on the coast!

Copenhagen, so far, is AMAZING. It's a really interesting city and it's GORGEOUS. There are MANY more people here than in Oslo - it feels immediately more congested - but it's really interesting because ALL the buildings are SUPER OLD and pretty. In Oslo, there are many modern buildings and really unique architecture  against the really old, but here it's all just OLD OLD OLD. 


Anyway - tomorrow we're going to visit the Copenhagen temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That will be really peaceful. Then we're coming back to rent bikes and take a biking tour of the city! YAY. 

I miss everyone very much and I hope you're all well!

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