Saturday, July 17, 2010

Days 17 & 18: ThththhththhThat's all, Folks!

Yesterday and today we played our last concerts!!

Day 17 started with a 2.5 hour walking tour of the city of Aarhus. I think if one were to walk around the city center, here in Aarhus, it may take them maybe 25 minutes, tops. But with a group of oooh - 15-20 people, things get slow. Real slow.

But we saw some great things! A museum where they found some great viking stuff, and left it all intact! Skeletons and houses and boats and stuff! We saw the longest church in Denmark. And, being good Lutherans back in the day, they painted over all the majestic, detailed, medieval Catholic paintings with white. Neat.

We had some time to kill and - i took another nap :) Delish.

We had a concert that night - started at 7:00 and played till 9 with a 15 minute break where we were served yummo sandwiches of pesto and sundried tomatoes.

The set was great and was VERY well received. They gave us clapping ovations and we even were given special permission to play another song beyond 9:00 - past the noise ordinance in the town! Woo hoo!!

Then I stayed up WAY later than I should have chatting and laughing with the buddies. It was most enjoyable.

Today we went to Ebletoft - a beautiful little town (only 7,500 people or so!!) and played a concert there. We ate - you guessed it -sandwiches and I topped it off with DELICIOUS Danish ice cream from Paradis (para-dees. Play on words. Get it? Paradise...and "is" (pronounced eese) is the word for ice cream here. Get it? HA!)  Again - the concert went well and, alas, it was our last of the tour.

We drove back to Aarhus for about an hour. I read some of my "Leadership and Self-Deception" book. Great book. We had about and hour and a half before our next call time. I did laundry in the sink. Hooray for clean undies. 

At 6:00 we headed to the church for a musical "fireside" (for those of you who don't know - it's just a general spiritually themed meeting. Very nice.) There were many people and it was good fun. So I guess THAT was our last performance. And the refreshments were divine.

Now it's girls night. Out on the town, baby!!!!

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  1. Leadership and Self Deception is soooo good! Very interesting! I'm glad you're having so much fun. Keep us updated with you and Spencer's adventures!