Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 4: Sand in my Shoes

Today I got up (I'm waking up on my own, by the way! Nice and early!!) and got ready for the day. I at a lovely breakfast of bread, with butter and raspberry jam, soft-boiled eggs, goat cheese (it's brown and looks like slice-able peanut butter), cucumber slices, and musli - glorified bird seed for people (but it's DELICIOUS!) with milk and "eple juice". SO GOOD.

Then we went to Skien (pronounced shee-yen), which wasn't covered in nearly as much graffiti as Oslo is:

Where we played a 1 hour long concert for the public in the town square:

Then we ate lunch, and moved to another "venue" where we are able to swim, eat, and a combo played!!

(This last picture was taken around 9:00 at night. So bright!!)


Anyway - the water was clear and beautiful. It was nice and cool and refreshing. I swam for probably and hour to an hour and a half. It was too fun. People gradually joined. I started with a group of 5 or so and by then end most everyone had come in.

I've eaten a lot of chocolate. It's really delicious and I like it.

The men out here wear capris. I really like them.


Everyone speaks English. Which I also very much like.

It was a pretty dreary day, weather wise. It rained off an on all day. And by rain I mean it half-heartedly sprinkled. But on our walk home from the lake where we went swimming it started raining pretty heftily. It was quite rejuvenating though - very cleansing.

The whole country has this calm aura about it that I really, really enjoy. It feels very peaceful here.

(PS - i wish the colors of the pictures were more true. I'll do my best to capture them the way i see them!!)

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