Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 14: Witchcraft

Today we got the BEST BREAKFAST! We got a break from rolls, cold cuts, cheese and jam and got rolls, jam, scrambled eggs (that were WARM, mind you!) and baaacoooonnnnnnn.

We drove to Ribe and got off for a sweet walking tour. Ribe is a REALLY old town. Denmark's oldest, I think. Anyway - all the buildings are saggy and the whole little town is just seething with history. We learned about the trading there and the floods and the kings and the witch trials. They burned "witches" at the stake in Denmark like they did in the US. Only in Denmark, we learned, they made them wear belts of gunpowder so there was a bit of an explosive effect. Morbid? Yes. That was the last story we heard, followed by "Now, let's have lunch!!"

Pretty Ribe.

(Ribe - this harbor was CRACKALAKIN in the medieval times.)

We played two "concerts" - two 30 minute sets at 2:00 and 4:00. They set it up this way so people wouldn't be drawn away from shopping for too long. Shopping is a big industry there so they can't stop the tourists from shopping :)

(Cute venue)

(At the concert)

I ate my first Danish pastry today. It was a "superchako" - I took this to mean "Super Chocolate." Which it was, indeed. It was like a mix between a croissant and a cinnamon bun that was actually chocolatey and not cinnamon-ey. SO GOOD.

We then drove to Esbjerg - about 20 min away. We met up with our new host families at that point. We're staying with the Petersens. He is Danish, she is not. She grew up in these isolated Pacific Islands in somewhere i can't remember and they have 6 SUPER COOL kids. Turns out, the man of the house served a mission for the LDS church with the dad of a really good friend of mine. SMALL STINKING WORLD. We talked about everything from school systems, college degrees, and such, to the healthcare stuff, to government and patriotism. Tah-dah. Life is good.

(Scenic view. Tah dah!!)

Anyway. Hope you like the pictures of the great things today and also the pictures I added for yesterday!

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  1. They didn't burn witches in the US-- only stoned and hung them. Splitting hairs, I get it.