Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up:

So so so fun. You all must come to see it if you're in the area. It will run from April 23 to May 8th at the SCERA theater in Orem!! I'm having such a blast doing the Spanish Panic!!

Saw Alice in Wonderland last night. SO BEAUTIFUL.  Burton is fantastic.

Good news - Spencer and I have food, again. Lately we've been living off of dregs of cereal, Pirate's Booty and Spaghetti-o's. Now we're upping the ante
 to Raisin Bran, and frozen pizza.

New baby fish! See previous post. (We concluded that Kokoum and Roscoe fought each other to the death. You know the drill - mom has babies, dad wants to eat the babies, mom protects the babies from dad, mom and dad start fighting, and the both die? Probably.)

I successfully wrote a 1400 word book report, did two crazy statistics assignments, said "yes" to way to many things so now I'm ever so slightly overextended (what else is new?) but looking forward to a night of home-made Thai food and a clean apartment!!

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  1. The play looks like it will be so fun! I shall have to convince my husband to take me. :)