Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Officially Stoked for an Adventure

So - I'm in Synthesis at BYU ("Brigham Young University's premier jazz ensemble!!")

Two summers ago, I was able to go on a tour of the UK with this ensemble.

Last summer I  was able to tour South Korea and Japan with the Wind Symphony.

This summer I will be able to tour Scandinavia with Synthesis.

The Husband served a two year religious mission for The Church of Jesus Christ in Latter-day Saints in Sweden just a couple years ago and would love to go back.

Could this be any more perfect?

After some "hemmimg and hawing" and gradually desensitizing ourselves to the reality of what an enormous expense this could be, we've decided that Spencer will come to Copenhagen (the tour's last stop) on the last day or two of my tour, and we will stay in Europe when the rest of the ensemble goes home. We debated about all the things we could do - stay in Sweden for ten days - hop on to another country while we're at it? And, basically, we've decided to take a "when in Rome" mentality and try to hit it all! We'll go to Stockholm first (just an hour and a half ferry from Copenhagen!), and then wander our way over to London somehow and fly out from Heathrow Airport (hopefully).

Current plan? Denmark to Sweden to Poland to Germany to France to the UK.


  1. Sounds like a Blast =... but why stop there? (I've seen flights from Heathrow to Athens for 79pounds!)