Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tragedy Strikes Again!

If you were wondering - that's what it looks like for a platy to give birth.

Platys! You know, like the two fish we have.

And by two fish, I mean the 
that Spencer spotted in our tank. 
I've never been a Grandmother! Nor have I ever seen a baby fish before! SO COOL!
But, no, we didn't see them give birth. Hence why you're watching a video filmed by some Shmoe back in 2007

Buuut now you're doing the math and you're real confused - because you thought we had Roscoe, and Kokoum (you never met Kokoum - we just got him over the weekend) and now we have the two babies, right?


The reason Spencer spotted the two new babiess is because we were staring at the tank, inspecting the dead bodies of BOTH Roscoe and Kokoum. 

Probably they died giving birth?

Or it's just like in "Pushing Daisies" where if Ned makes something come alive then (if it stays alive for more than a minute) something of "significant worth and in close proximity" must die in it's place.

Yeah it was probably that.

Needless to say, we haven't named them yet. They're pretty in-differential at this point.
Also we haven't removed Dad & Dad's (thought they were both male....*) dead bodies because I have a false hope that they're just sleeping. I know I'll be disappointed, so shut up and let me feel hopeful, okay?

*At first I almost had a heart attack and thought maybe ROSCOE died a couple weeks ago and here we've been living with Liv all the time!! But, you see, after watching the "birthing" video more closely, I noted how pronounced the fishy's fins were underneath her - and, since she was giving birth - it was definitely a girl. Now, Kokoum - when we picked ..him.. up from the store had VERY pronounced fins "down there" which we were told is fish lingo for "I'm a male." I have now deduced that we should flush Kokoum under the name 'Pocahontas' because those fins, my friend, just probably meant she was PREGGO!

Note: the hazy, golden speck in the center of the picture.

Note: hazy golden speck 1 in the center-ish of the image and hazy golden speck 2 near the bottom of the water filter tube. I'll tell you how to find that one. See the vertical black line on the left side of the picture? Loooook at iiiit!!!!! - and then point at it on your screen from the left edge straight down - even beyond where the black part is - and the 2nd hazy golden speck is in line with that, about a finger's width away from the end of the actual black colored line. It's near the aquarium wall, looking towards the filter.

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