Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Prediction for the Future:

Ever since I was young, I (and, admittedly, my sister too) I/we have this bizarre capacity to be trend setters. No one would actually look at us and say "Wow! You're setting an upcoming trend!" But allow me to provide you with some examples: 

Note: Me as John Lennon for Halloween in THIRD GRADE. The very first CD I owned was The Beatles' HELP!
The Beatles, while they've always been hip, became cool in the last few years due to the Beatles' LOVE show in Las Vegas and the movie Across the Universe.

Ahead of the times, people!!

Another example, though I don't have a picture, is the fact that my sister and I were wearing crocs (and NO I don't care if you think they're hideous) before anyone else in Utah. See, we got them in Portland, Maine one summer and - considering the croc trend started in Canada - they were pretty new, even to the East Coast. Dazzled by their comfort and bright coloring, we bought some and wore them endlessly. At first everyone said "What the heck are those?!?!" But then they all started wearing the crocs.


So my prediction for the future is "comfort." 

In this rapidly changing world of technology and what have you, I think people are going to relapse into the desire for all things comfort. You know, sipping tomato soup on a rainy day while reading "Pride and Prejudice." Or Funeral Potatoes. Or cozy sweaters that are your favorite and you wear them even though they may or may not be hideous. This will be reflected, I think, in style and design. I think people are going to soon tire of the "mod." (Heck, they already are.) Yeah - There is already a small trend towards it - go looking for it! You'll see! Think of things that look like John Mayer's voice sounds

 But it will happen and is happening, mark my words. Just like the switch in general-American preference from Punk-Rock bands to Coldplay. People get bored and tired of the clamor and clutter. 

You just wait and see...


  1. You're not wrong. It's already happening in fashion, especially in Europe. Check it:

    Apparently high-waisted pants are coming back in a big way too. And sandals with socks. It's like comfy-chic. I'm chill with that.

  2. Europe's always so ahead. Sigh.