Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today I Fell in Love

My mom called me while she was at PetSmart. This was a bad idea because, after hearing the dogs barking in the background I realized it was dog adoption day (which is good.) So I convinced Spencer to take me over to see them - delaying my seriously-needed study time (which is bad.) But the puppies ABSOLUTELY brightened my day (which is good.) I wanted to adopt them all and take them home with me. (which is good/bad.) Spencer did, too. Especially the brother sister, 1 and a half year old black and yellow lab combo - Fred and Ginger. 

I have tried contacting Lost Paws Inc. about adoption opportunities. They have yet to respond to me :( But the CAWS (Community Animal Welfare Society) seemed very open to me and my interest to be a hands-on-more-than-just-cleaning-cages volunteer. Oh yes I will volunteer. I was especially fond of her use of the words "yes, we need foster homes, too!" Oooooh how I was born to be a foster home for sweet, old, deaf dogs who need love and spend most of the day sleeping, anyway so it's okay that Spence and I are gone most of the day. I just need to do something with animals. My whole life I've always had such a soft spot in my heart for dear, dear fuzzy creatures. And for years I've felt a need to do my part in helping to take care of the many homeless, helpless pets out there who love endlessly and need some in return. I resolve to do whatever I can to help.

Note: Alexander. Who would not LOVE this face!?!?! To me, it says "Why hello, old chap! My name is Alexand-ah. I'm from a place named Wellingborough, just East of Northampton. I enjoy crumpets and tea, and - oh please don't mind the teeth. Orthodontia is considered "cosmetic" here in the UK."

Listed as: "Needs Foster Home!!"

I vote - if you can - get in touch with and volunteer! Give these friendly, wonderful little guys the love and attention they all deserve! 



  1. Not only did I have a dream about Lost Paws last night, I almost took Ames over to even just check if they were visiting Petco today. Do we share DNA or something?

  2. What a sweet puppy! And nice candy and flowers. A perfect day.

    I think both you and Emily are in puppy withdrawl.