Thursday, March 4, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

I auditioned, on a whim (sort of) for a show called Once Upon A Mattress.

I got cast!

And I'm thrilled. There have been reports that I don't seem like I'm thrilled. Let me assure you this is due to a few unmethodical factors:
1. Lack of sleep and general tiredness (doi.)
2. The delicious taste of Crystal Light "Energy" - which I usually call my "happy water" - because of its mild caffeine content which is nice for a quick headache fix. However, I've become so fond of the flavor that I've been drinking it just ...because! And caffeine wears me out. So, again, see #1. 
3. It's the middle of the semester. Seriously.
So - despite those hindering lifestyle factors - I'm So happy to be in this show. I got the part of "Lady Larkin" who, in the 2005 Disney movie, is played by Zoey Deschenel.  She and "Sir Harry" (who will be played by my adoringly sweet husband, Spencer, and is played for Disney by Matthew Morrison - Will Scheuster of "Glee") are in love and want to get married but can't. Why? Well - you'd best come to see the show!
Also my mom is the overbearing Queen. HUZZAH!


  1. I was SO HAPPY when I found out you and Spencer and your mom got cast! That was a fun callback, and I can't wait to see the show!

  2. That's wonderful!! You'll have to let me know when tickets go on sale.

  3. How fun for you! One of my favorite shows... wish I could see it. I played Winifred in HS and fell in love with the quirky music. Any chance of a road performance in Tucson... no?... I understand. Have fun!

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