Thursday, March 4, 2010

Science and Dishsoap

The whole bit about the toilet stall got me thinking about Science and petri dishes. You know - could I swab toilet seats and stall locks to prove that the first stall really is the cleanest!?

Similarly -

I now live in an apartment where I must wash my own dishes. I am my own, personal, dishwasher. This isn't a bad thing - and I certainly don't mind it, considering I usually listen to Coldplay, or the brilliant podcast "Stuff You Should Know" where I've learned about things like how Pirates, Braile, and Witches "work." What's great is that sometimes we let the dishes build up in the sink, and I get a full 45 minutes to an hour in of dish-washing, which means I can listen to a full podcast or two!

I know, I know, you're thinking "My gosh! 45 mintues or more of dishwashing! It simply can't be so!!" Well - it's so. But, the problem isn't (usually) a HUGE ammount of dishes, no, but it's that I get fairly obsessive compulsive about getting everything clean.

Which makes me think about science.  Is the process of washing dishes by hand with something like Dawn, Joy or Palmolive as effective as the process of immersing your dishes in a swirling vat of steamy, soapy unbearably hot heat and water for a half an hour or more?

Something makes me doubt it.

Gosh I wish I had some Petri dishes.

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