Saturday, May 1, 2010

The MOST Thankful

So I have realized how lucky I am, lately.

See - I've been in this play called "Once Upon a Mattress." And in this play there are people and they are wonderful. And the husband and I have been blessed enough to get to know some of them pretty well. We hang out and play games and I feel happier about it than I have been in a long, long time.

I'm just so insanely grateful for the influence of good friends and for the huge blessing it is in my life.  I want to be better because of them and do good things for them because I love them.

And I mean that! I truly love these people and I am overwhelmed that they love me, too. And it's so neat that it's the I-like-you-and-want-to-be-around-you love instead of the you're-a-human-too-so-I'll-love-you-because-I should love.

I feel so so so so lucky and blessed and I just had to say to the world THANK YOU!!!!!!

1 comment:

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