Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Basic Belief

I like to believe that people are basically good. Isn't that a nicer way to see the world? To be able to go out and about and believe you'll come home alive with your house untouched?

Frankly, I believe in the great, good potential of humanity.

I wish that more people would believe in this, too. I also wish that more people lived in a way that proved it to be true. I hate to say it, but sometimes I hear things on the news or see people do any say things and I have to consciously remind myself that I believe people have goodness within them.

Sad that I have to remind myself of that. 

More sad that some people act in a way that make it so I have to remind myself.


  1. It's true that all people have goodness and kindness inside of them. For some people, it shows. And for some, it's buried so deep inside of them that even they can't see it, let alone the world.
    But, honestly; i think it's our own choice. We choose the way we live.

  2. i honestly was thinking this last night whilst watching the news. It made me horribly sad, and i went to sleep with a knot in my stomach from it. these are the times I have to look to our buddy Mr. Mayer for guidance "the heart of life is good".