Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Verbal Associations

Long story short, a thought came into my mind today. You know how you associate memories with smells and songs and such? Well - I realized that I associate people with words, and phrases among other things. 

For instance, 
I associate my Dad with abbreviations (get a bottle of "wat" or taking a "show")
I associate my sister with a sound akin to "GWA!?"
I associate a friend with the phrase "Riiiiiiight?!?!"
I associate a choir director I once had with the word "Gang." (As in "Hey gang, here's what we'll do today!")
I associate a band director with the words insert (he pronounces "in-zert") and mature (he pronounces "ma-too-ure")
And I associate one of my grandmothers with the phrase "B.M." Yes. "B.M." as in "bowel movement."

Don't get me wrong - I also associate these people with other things; baseball hats, high kicks, eye makeup, facial expressions, canes, skinny dipping and hairspray, to name a few. 

But what I'm saying here is: I hope that the life I lead and the legacy that follows doesn't, in any way, associate me with the excretory processes of the human body.

(In thinking about it, I guess that is only if I don't pursue a profession in proctology or urology. Which are both big dreams of mine, of course. But hey - I did name one of my stuffed animals (a chocolate brown dog) "Procto," as prompted by my parents. They knew I didn't know any better. They thought they were being funny. And they were.)

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  1. HA! And I thought B.M. was exclusive to my family...who knew?