Thursday, May 27, 2010

If All Jobs Paid the Same

What would you choose to do?

I was talking with the Husband about various employment options and other than my irrational desire to someday become a waitress (which will occur, I guarantee you) I think I'd like to be a bus driver for a while, or something of that nature. 

Sure I like to use my brain. Sure I like to think, solve problems and produce outcomes. That's why I wouldn't do it forever and would also dabble in filmmaking, dermatology and archaeology. But if I could drive busses, I think it would be fascinating.

Think about it! You'd know your city, and surrounding areas, like the back of your hand. I'm sure you'd find many great places to go that you wouldn't otherwise know about. And think about all the people you could watch, observe, and get to know! 

You could also learn about things you want to learn about. You wouldn't have to spend your spare time trying to fill in your gaps of knowledge so you can solve other people's problems. All you've got is a bus route. When you're done, you're done, and then you can read as many novels or encyclopedias as you dang please!!

Maybe I'm just crazy, but it sounds awfully appealing.


  1. I have thought before about how awesome it would be to be a bus driver! Not a waitress though - I think I'd get too stressed!
    As well as bus driving, I'd love to be a car mechanic. I've thought that for quite some time now but, as you say, I think I'd not like to do either for too long because I love to think a lot and use my mind.

    Kate x

  2. I think the bus driver thing would be kind of fun. I rode the bus A TON during high school to get to BYU for lessons. I met the craziest/most interesting people - ever. I loved it. It helped me break out, be less judgemental, be a better listener, and soak in the good I find in random strangers --- as well as to keep pepper spray handy.

  3. I've always wanted to be a starving artist- that is find a cool spot and paint all day and not care if any of my paintings sell- i'd give them away in fact.