Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Sprout.

We adopted him from a shelter because he was the coolest dude there.

He is perfect in every way.
Everyone who knows him loves him.
He knows all his tricks, has never had an accident and the most obedient.

He is small and cuddly.
10 pounds of furry joy!

He likes "L" words: leaning, loving, looking, leering, listening and licking.

His only flaw his is his bad "dead-garbage" breath. 
And the fact that he sheds something awful.

Isn't he regal?


  1. He is stinkin' adorable. Hi, Lizzy! Glad we're blog friends!

  2. Such a cute dog! You sound like such a happy proud owner! I can see why [ =

  3. Gorgeous...just gorgeous!
    congrats on a love that will never fade!

  4. Hey's way cute- Beautiful eyes.