Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today I Had Time

Do you ever have time?

I rarely do.

I make time.
I waste time.
I want time.
I use time.
I track time.
I spend time.

But today, I had time.

So I went to the store. I exercised. I finally did many things that I've said I want to do. 
It felt pretty great.

But the greatest part is that I got to think. I hardly ever let myself just think.

I wonder and I gripe and I say and do things spur-of-the-moment and I stew and I vent and I'm glad and I feel things but I hardly ever just think.

But it was nice to think because I was able to make resolves.

I'm starting to believe that thinking is, well, necessary! And going through life on auto-pilot is not so cool, after all.


  1. yeah.right.the auto-pilot thing? totally not cool. I've had lot of time to think too.Been terribly sick these past few days; was in bed;could barely even walk. Thinking over things,it all suddenly was a a bit clear.Bad things can be good too!
    And of course, thinking over your life and its situation is vital! The cerebrum is there for some reason!

  2. Great and thoughtful post. Yeah, life gets so busy sometimes you forget to just DO NOTHING sometimes. W.C.C.

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