Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flipping a House

I've always wanted to flip a house. 


My interest began when I was about nine years old. We lived in upstate New York and there was this house that was sort of barn-ish. It was red, had two buildings to it, and was connected by an overpass of sorts. The driveway went underneath the overpass. Anyway - it was just past this bridge over the Erie Canal that my family had to cross, often, to get to places that we were going. My mom told me a family we knew moved into that house to fix it up and then were going to try to sell it.

"NOVEL IDEA!" I thought.

Then, recently, the economy crashed and I got married. These are two things that gave me pause. 1. The husband and I needed a place to live and 2. a monthly payment for a home was/is comparable to monthly rent. Sheish!

Well, in the hullabaloo of wedding planning and what not, we decided to rent. Less hidden expenses, and we don't have to worry when faced with water leaks or furnace issues.

But in the last couple days the idea of buying one of these GORGEOUS, old, (but decaying) Provo homes and restoring it to its former glory seems undeniably appealing. Especially since Spencer and I are taking off spring semester - the possibilities are endless!! For instance,  a few, small improvements to our own apartment (retiling the bathroom floor, repaint a few things, replace the stove and light fixtures) and VOILA - it's instantly 100% more livable. 

Unfortunately, we're not made of money. And we're going to Europe this summer. Alas, I suppose signing up to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity will have to suffice, for now.  Unless someone is flipping a house - let me know! I'd love to help!

Oh - and does anyone know of anyone who will need an apartment to rent for a month from July 19 to about August 19? 

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  1. I wanted to volunteer there too, but I think I'll leave that for another year to come.