Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May I please just say something?

Okay -  so here's the deal. I have ambitions and goals. Lots of them. Just look down on the left side of the page there, see? I want to do things. I want to be things.  And I will.

But here's the thing.

The world has some major crap in it. And that's gotta stop. I am sick and tired of lewdness. I am disgusted with the way people tolerate the promotion of hatred and violence portrayed in the media. I do not like swear words and cussing except when used by my theory teacher when he refers to the hellacious nature of certain rules of music composition, because I think swearing is cowardly and unintelligent. I do not like the knee-jerk reactions people have that cause them to feel angry and lash out. I think grudges are ridiculous. I wish women would wear more clothes and respect themselves enough to demand respect from others, too. I find it intolerable how much people take religion - any religion - for granted. Is it so wrong to believe in something and practice an active, spiritual hope? And, while I appreciate the emotional impact that art, in all its forms, can have on an individual, I do not appreciate that the seemingly most commonly sought after emotional response is that of shock and awe, blood and sadness.  I understand what "real" things happen in the world but I hatehatehate that the only "real" things people talk about are degrading, sad, and disgusting. Seldom do we hear of the happy, great people who choose to help others, love themselves, and overcome obstacles.

That, my friends, is what I want to stand for the most. I wish the leaders in today's world stood more for those things. I wish head-hanchos in the media focused on sending messages of genuine love, not just sexual promiscuity. I wish goodness, beauty, morality and integrity stood out in the world in place of degradation, filth and peripheral social refuse that people can't seem to get enough of.

Can we not stand for something better? 

I submit: We can. 

Please note that I only speak in a broad generalization, here. Understand that I am aware of musical artists, movies, actors, news channels, and other forms of media that are happy, promote goodness and are otherwise free of sleeze. I simply use generalizations to keep this blog relatively shorter and such.


  1. Brilliant post. I think it's wonderful that you will speak out about things that most people just ignore. You have made some great points here.

    Kate x

  2. What a great post :) And I couldn't agree more with you :D It's incredible.. man creates something, such as the Internet.. man finds a way to use it for something wrong :( And the same happens with most things.. and it's true! Lots of girls wear tiny skirts or cropt tops or anything that hardly cover the should-be-convered parts of the body.. and they demand respect!

  3. i love you for this post. Amen! XXX