Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day TWENTY!!!!!! - im actually sort of sad about leaving. I have had SUCH a wonderful experience here. My heart truly has been changed in so many ways that i know will be very difficult to explain to you all when i get back, which is so sad. I so desperately wish everyone could have come with me!! The land is stunning, the people are beautiful and the lifestyle here is so good and polite and Ive absolutely loved it.
Today was a sleepy day. We went to church from about 10-1 and then ate another HUGE lunch afterwards, around 1:30. At about 3 we did a devotional meeting which consisted of mostly music (just two small talks) but even still it lasted over an hour and a half!! We were all pretty wiped out after that. Long day - and sadly, the members of the congregation weren't as social as in other places, so we didnt really make as many friends.

We ended up going to a different ward then we had planned because the government in Osaka has discouraged people from gathering in large groups so as not to spread the swine flu so all the church meetings in Osaka were cancelled! Oh well. We are all hoping that the USA doesnt quarantine us in San Fran. because we're flying out of Osaka....!!

The church members provided us with a bag of food for dinner, which was nice. We drove to a park outside the Osaka Palace to eat for about a half an hour. Rachel and I heard the sound of distant drumming! So we explored the park and found where it was coming from and Roger Brough and Matt Slack (a percussionist) had already found them! After they were done we introduced ourselves and i told them Matt was a drummer. He asked if he could play with them and they let him! Way cool but SO LOUD! I think my ears are still ringing!!

We got back to the hotel around 7 and Tiffany Allen and i just sat in our beds in our hotel room and talked for about an hour and a half about everything! She is so great. We also went into serious detail about analyzing how much time we had left here in Japan. As of now its about 33 hours and 45 minutes total - but only 19 hours, 45 minutes if you subtract the ammount of time we intend on sleeping during the next 2-ish days mushed into one :) It will be great to be in one location for more than 3 night in a row, thats for sure!!

See you soon! I think this is the last blog and final installment of my documenting this trip. CrAZY!!! Thanks for keeping up with me!! Have a great day!!

Annyeonghi gyeseyo and SAYONARA!

Cute baby at church.

Today was a beaaaUTIFUL day!

The japanese drummers!

Yay for Matt! He sounded really good :)

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