Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Facts

I so bought this dress today. And can i just say? It seriously rocks. I'm just being honest....:)

Not to mention I got it at that White House | Black Market store, so they treated me like a celeb. and made me feel like I was prized merchandise in a posh store. They gave me my dress to take home in a GARMENT BAG. How much cooler does it get? No. It doesn't get cooler.

Annnnnywho - perhaps if there were any special occasion for which i would wear this dress..i would. Not that there is a special occasion like that coming up or anything...but should there be one...where I'd need to wear something nice...so that i'd look good in pictures that lots of people would see...i just might wear this one. Because it's just that awesome.

(and would look fabulous with a pair of red (or yellow) heels, don't you think!?)

Okay. I'll stop being a girl now :)

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