Sunday, June 28, 2009

Animals and the Elderly

So long story short i want to be doing more "service" in my life. And i say "service" because i mean more than just unloading the dishwasher for mom, giving a smile to a passing stranger or holding the door for my friend walking behind me. I mean I want to go-out-of-your-way-to-babysit-children-and-build-houses-for-people-in-need kind of service.

In thinking about this and discussing this desire with the Spence, I said "Why am i not taking care of animals? I need to do more with animals. And with old people."

Strange combination? No, i don't think so.

Really, i think Animals and Old People have similar perspectives of life. I think they're two groups of living "creatures" that have a greater sense of self, spirituality and the world in general. No - your general mule deer hasn't fought in WWII, but i think both war vets and mule deer know what it feels like to be hunted! Animals have animal babies and they get run over by cars and fall out of trees - i'm sure animals suffer heartache like people who've lived full lives have suffered heartache.

It's a stretch, i know - but...can you go with me on this one?

Sure - - Maybe i'm crazy...but it's just the way i see it.

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  1. Take Sprouty to visit old people. I'd say he can visit shelters too, but then the other shelter boys and girls will be jealous maybe.