Saturday, June 13, 2009

Going Green

Something about it seems to trendy to handle.

On the other hand, something about it really appeals to me. I mean, i've always been into recycling and crap - (one of my favorite "totes" says 'recycle to save our birds, children, animals and earth!!' - made with recyclable material.)

I also enjoy the general style of all things "green." The 'au natural' theme of the Burts Bees products, for instance, have always been appealing to me. Such beeswax-y, peppermint-y joy to behold!! I also like bags made of recycled material and "natural" things. I just like the way they look. I'm also obsessed with growing things. I've got many a plant to my name. (Though i haven't named them....yet.) Oh, and i have a sea monkey aquarium.

In addition, I seriously enjoy hiking, backpacking and camping, and kinda-sorta always have. I guess you could say I'm a fan of the earth. (They probably have one of those links on facebook - "The Earth: 4 of your friends are fans!") I'm also a fan of do-gooding websights like

Regardless....I just don't know how i feel about the whole trend with "going green." Please notice that most of the young ladies you see wearing shirts advertising "going green" look hardly like you'd imagine a true naturalist to look.

"Hmm...what should I wear today? How about my "I've Gone Green!" Shirt??!?! This looks great. Now, where's my super gloss lipstick and the keys to my Lexus?"

You know what i mean?

Granted, i also have a hard time taking the other side of the spectrum seriously. Please, go buy something that's not made out of hemp and shop some other place than "Good Earth."
(Though i'll admit - having checked out the official store, there's some pretty trendy crap. Also please don't get me wrong - i'm totally a fan of healthy food. I just think it's strange to be so snobby about food that you don't eat anything. But Good Earth....doesn't Smiths sell veggies and whole wheat pasta, too?...i digress...)

I guess what I' trying to say is - I'm sort of "green." But I think that's something i'll just keep to myself and smile about every time i save newspapers to take them to recycling or put bottles in the 'blue bin.' :)

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