Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 4

I got to sing tonight!! Cool that my whole body was practically convulsing out of nervousness...probably helped with the whole warbly opera vibrato stuff... :)

The KBS hall. VERY nice.At the resaurant. Say "Kimchi!!!"

They really keep those funny english translations coming...

My bird food dinner. Rice, grass (with kimchi seasoning), cabbage, tofu (with kimchi sauce), and tofu soup.

The Seoul, Korea LDS temple.

I'm not going to write a ton because I need to take advantage of our late morning tomorrow to sleep in.

We got up and went straight to the Seoul Korea temple. It was VERY small and very cute inside. They have everything that the bigger ones have just...miniature sized. Hard to explain but really neat. Plus, I got an hour there to take a nap outside in the grass. HOORAY it was lovely.

We headed to lunch and it was fun - we did the whole take off the shoes and sit on the floor at the table thing and it was neat.

We headed to KBS hall (Like the Korean BBC) and it was GORGEOUS! Very big and very acoustically sound. About 1200 people were at the concert. I got to sing tonight too - wasn't the best, but it went well. We also played with the US 8th Army Band! Yay for fellow americans. Both ensembles were very relieved to be playing with English speaking peers.

Dinner was ...bird food. (Cabbage salad, rice, tofu soup, a slab of tofu with Kimchi sauce and green onions/suspicious looking grass substance with Kimchi spices.) Luckily i just ate some chocolate and that about just made my life worth living. EVERYTHING tastes like Kimchi. And if it's not Kimchi (which it usually is) it's doused in Kimchi spices (at least the vegetables are.) We're all a'hankering for a big slice of pizza right about now or something like that...i mean - trying everything is one thing - but eating it day in and out for a week is another. Hopefully the food in Japan is a little more diverse.

Enjoy the pictures! Have a great day!!
Hope you're all doing well!


  1. Hi Lizzy,

    It sounds like you are having an amazing adventure! Keep posting pics and blogging I am enjoying the ride from afar. . . . We had dinner with Spencer, and he is definitely missing you!


  2. Now you understand my plight when I lived with Theresa, my Korean roommate, and I stopped buying milk because I couldn't handle it tasting like kimchi.