Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tour Day 1-ish/2-ish

Soooo we got on the plane to San Fran. Totally fine flight, but i was tired so my head started getting to me. You know - strange thoughts like "this plane weighs a lot...how does something like this stay in the sky?" No matter, though. All was well and i slept the entire couple of hours to California.

We had, unfortunately, about 4 hours to kill at that airport. I made some calls. That was good. Life was good. I looked longingly at the people waiting at the gate across from ours - headed to London. But hey. I've been there - so Asia HERE I COME!!

We got on the plane and sat there for 12 hours or more. Weird time changes. I basically lost a half a day of my life. Ka-RAZY! I watched "Bride Wars," and "Seven Pounds." Both very good. After some napping, and almost completing a book i recently purchased and an episode of Ugly Betty (along with the other movies) and staring out the window/map as we passed over bits of RUSSIA (see photo below) - I kept myself entertained.

Sadly, the consequence of little movement and lots of lounging in confined areas means SERIOUS CANKLES. So sad. We're all suffering very badly. The shoes are tight and the definition between calf and ankle has been non existent until we got to our sweet lil' hotel room in Seoul (see below picture!), via a quaint lil' Ischeon bus (see picture below) and got a cold, wet towel on my feet to reduce swelling. Ugh. I stretched and such, though, so things are shaping up.

We're leaving at 8:00 tomorrow morning to go to a historical Korean village where we can witness up close and personal real, live traditional Asian stuff (like spinning silk from the cocoon and crap like that. Cool? Very.)

I'll check in as i can. Love you all!

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