Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 5

Today wasn't too insanely interesting...we got up and drove away to Taejon aaaand ate a fabulous lunch. It was a soupy/noodley/beefy dish with (surprise surprise) Kimchi and a bunch of other bowls of vegetables. They also gave us a cool drink at the end - it was like a melted caramel apple with melted red hots and cinnamon bears mixed in.

Theeeeen we rehearsed a little and played a concert till just now when we got back.

Seriously, that's about it. But the concert hall was just about full and it wasn't a shared concert - so we got it all to ourselves!! And i got to sing again. I"ll try to load in some video footage and crap like that.

Sorry this post isn't more interesting but i'm also sorry this day wasn't more interesting :)

Love to you all!
Pictures of our deluxified room, complete with beday, gourmet shampoos, lotions and conditioner, in-room computer, fridge, microwave and flatscreen tv. It's fine.

The hall. We played here tonight.
Lunch time!
We're currently having a robe party (robes provided in the room!). Observe.

funny english translation :)

My new roommates (we moved hotels and switched roommates in Taejon!)

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  1. Okay, so the robe pictures look like something from a magazine. But Hannah's smile is too big. Work on that. =)
    Love the blog, btw! You're freakin' hilarious. And so much of what you write is stuff that's been in the back of mind that I don't know how to verbalize. Like the smell. Or kimchi. Or how nice these hotels are . .. you get the idea. =)