Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 10

Posts may be a little more sporadic now that we're in Japan. Despite the fact that we're staying at the most five-ity five star hotel i've ever been in, everything costs an arm and a leg (i.e. the "business center" computers are about $5.25 per 15 minutes or it's $21.00 to rent a lap-top over night. You see, there's a free internet connection IN your room, but that only works if you have oyur own computer. I'm currently borrowing Emily Bier's but i don't want to inconvenience her for too long.)

Left hostel at 2:30.
Rest stop.
Rest stop.
Kareoke party on the bus till the Incheon Airport where we successfully got approximately 50 people thru the front doors of the airport, thru security, customs, checked bags, etc. etc. and onto the plane in less than 50 minutes. There was a bad accident on the freeway and really held us up. We were quite lucky.
2 hour flight - slept.
FRENCH FRIES AND WHOPPER FOR DINNER! (the leaders provided. we were over. joyed.)

We went into this little shopping district area. It's not so little actually and now i'm starting to realize what everyone means about Japan = electronics. There were mulitple stores with multiple levels of just....stuff. There was a watch section, for instance - TWO whole floors of watches. There are SCADS of cell phone models and computer models. There was a video gaming store with one floor dedicated to wii crap, and another to playstation. It's crazy nuts here. Fortunately, the exchange rate isn't so bad. Unfortunately, everything is a lot more expensive, in general - though the electronics seemed fairly similar.

All in all, i LOVE Tokyo. The vibe here is really, really neat. I am SO glad we get to stay here for 4 days. It's going to be really fun to walk around the city - granted it's REALLY big and i'm frightened to use the subways because i won't notice the difference between chicken-scratch symbol cluster A and chicken-scratch symbol cluster B, which i wish desperately that i could read for real but alas, i cannot.

We drove past Disneyland Tokyo coming in. I really wanted to go in. Oh, and for those of you who don't know - for what it's worth, i got accepted into the Disney internship program as a character performer. I'd have rocked it. Oh well.

I'm assuming everyone's alive and well! See you soon. I'm on the downhill end of the tour now...
Sorry - I don't have enough time/i'm exhausted and have been up-ish for the last 19 hours so no pictures today!! Sorry!

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