Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 6

Today didn't seem like it would be very interesting. Boy, was I wrong!!

We went to church this morning at 9:30 (and during the last hour they needed helpers to take care of the little kids and I got to help them make mothers day crafts!! Which i made. For my mother. For mothers day. Oooh yeah.) Afterwards there was a HUGE meal for the whole congregation as well as all the BYU kids. It was most delicious - i ate TWO whole plates of food. Ginormous portions of food. I could not have been more full. The thing is - when you go back for 2nds, the Koreans find it extremely flattering so they tend to give you even MORE than you had the first time. Not so good for like, i dunno - metabolism and all that crap.

After dinner we went back to the hotel for some R & R. That was delightful, because we haven't had too much time to rest this entire tour. We chilled out and it was great.

After that we went back to the church for a devotional meeting - mostly just a music-oriented meeting. That was about an hour and a half. I was so touched during that meeting!! The last hymn we sang was "I am a Child of God" and i was so happy as half the people there sang in Korean and half sang in English. It really helped me realize how we are all children of God and no matter where we are on this earth, He knows us and loves us. It was an amazing feeling!

We ate dinner after that. It was AWESOME. Dinner was like a Korean Cafe Rio - it was rice with lettuce, bean srpouts, cucumber thingeys, ground beef, radish kimchi, egg strips and something else....with a really really red, spicy sauce. It was SO GOOD! However, my new BFF Rachel and I discovered BONG SURI!! (Pronounced "Bong so-dri" - the "dri" is that mix between an R, D and I..) it's Korean popcorn. It's not salty or buttery at all - just mildy sweet and FREAKIN DELICOUS! We ate so much. And we saved the rest in plastic bags for later. Its seriously amazing, and all the Korean peopel were laughing at us because we liked it so much. The kids and teenagers liked it but not the older people and they got a kick out of the fact that we couldn't stop eating it and kept saying "bong so-di! BONG SO-DI!!!" Ah. If only i could osmosis some to you all thru this computer screen, your lives would never be the same. Heck, mine's not!

I also made friends with the Song family. I got a picture with them -they're AWESOME people. Their youngest son came up to me when we were introduced (he must be like 3 years old) and he put his arms up and gave me this pseduo-hug and his hands were sort of resting on my rib cage and he just stood there with his head facing down. His parents tried to pull him off, but he wouldn't let go so he ended up actually hugging me around the waist, but when they finally peeled him off his mother said "He may be very young...but he loves women..." It's possible that more awkward things have happened..buuut...i'm not 100% positive that statement is true...
Anyway - basically rocked.
We're going to some old buddhist temples and crap - should be prett rad.
Can i just say...i'm really loving it here! Hope you're all doing well!
Yummy dinner after church!

The Song family! The little crazy dude is the womanizer.

BONG SURI!!! AHHHH! You have never known such riches.

Me and my new BFF, Rachel with the little girls we hung out with today!

Korean Cafe Rio (that's actually nothing like the Cafe Rio mexican just looks similar...)

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