Monday, January 5, 2009

reasons this semester is gonna ROCK:

1. cold shower. It's never happened before at this apartment until this morning.
2. Free bagel! (buy 10 get the 11th free!!)
3. pink sky this morning. BeAUTIFUL.
4. when it snows enough for the fresh powder to exceed the height of the heeled, ankle boots.
5. 4-inch thick ice in parking lot, plus unwieldy mini-van, in sub zero weather = (and i kid. you. not.):

(seriously, guys! The lack of plowing in my parking lot has allowed for inches of ice to collect, except for where there exist giant ruts where we see a wee path for tires, however the transition from parking space to street, via the ice-rutted lot is, in fact, a very unsafe and unfortunate state of affairs.)
6. The fact that it took longer to get from my apartment to the Hale Center Theater in Orem and back than it did to go from Provo to SLC to pick up Jocelyn from the airport.
7. The sweet tunage that played in my car during the journey through the Arctic:
Stand by Me
So What
You really love me (underneath it all)
Saturday Night Fever
and the topper (please listen and appreciate. I'm sure you'll all be surprised by how many of the words you actually do know....)

Gettin Jiggy Wit It [1998] - Will Smith


8. "LEARN HOW TO DRIVE IN THE 'G.D.' SNOW, you 'F'in' 'A'!! GET OFF my 'F-in' TAIL!!! 'F' YOU!!! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW 'G.D...'......"
I didn't hear the rest because that's when i shut my window.
This really did happen, Kids! (Despite my good car's length away from the monster truck in front of me. Wait! Big truck! Hmm...i hear that men with big trucks are...insecure. Poor fellow! ;) Not to mention big fat truck COMPLETE with BYU "Y" sticker on the back. MMmm...Gotta love them righteous BYU alum! ) So, naturally, as Emily said "If only he hadn't gotten back in that car, i'd show him a very special finger!!" we decided just to beep, smile and wave as we passed him. The BEST way to spread Christmas cheer, throughout the year, is to yell profanities for all to hear.
But hey! Did it absolutely make my day? You BETCHA!

Me and angry man. Guess who's who?!

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