Monday, January 26, 2009


So, i'll admit - sometimes when i look at art, read a book or a poem and see that the author, the painter, the initiator of whatever it may be is "anon.," i get butterflies.

I've never really thought about why before, but I think it's oddly invigorating. ANYONE could have done it! The stranger could be standing next to you, reading the poem, smiling silently to him or herself thinking "she has no idea..."


Some people, i think, reckon that "Anonymous" is just an excuse to misquote something, or that it's an unconfident, weem of a thing to do.
"Come on! Put your name on it! Be proud of your work!" Right?
Hmm...Yeah, I'm all for being proud of your work but consider this:

Have you ever done something for someone anonymously? Have you ever set your alarm a couple hours earlier so you could get up and clean the kitchen for your mom before she woke up and when she sees it all she's SO GLAD and you're just sitting there on the couch, eating your Oh's, watching your Saturday morning cartoons thinking "she has no idea...mreh mrehhhh..."

I think it feels oddly invigorating because instead of thinking "Yeah, Robert Frost IS that brilliant," or "Gee -that Renoir - really knew what he was doing, eh?" You can think to yourself "someone, somehwere, DID that!" And I find that more comforting and motivating. You see, Renior is RENOIR! And Robert Frost is Robert. FROST! There's no way I could do something like them.

But anonymous? I think that just seems like a closer star to catch :)

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