Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The color test

I took the color personality test.

I got 16 Blues, 14 yellows, 8 reds and 7 whites.

So i am a Blue/Yellow personality.

Here's what it says about me:

Love to do things for others and will seek opportunity to give up something for themselves to bring others happiness
Want to love and be loved
Crave to be understood. They may have their hearts broken more often, but will spend more time in love
They need to be thanked and remembered, with sincere gratitude and delight in the remembrance of special occasions like birthdays
the like to behave "appropriately" and enjoy being good, with a great sense of integrity

Love play and often are the host of the party
They welcome praise and need to be noticed and know they're reveared and approved of
They need emotional connections especially thru touch.
They want to be popular - friendships are high priority
They're very verbal, talk a lot
they seek action and adventure.

i'd say it's pretty accurate, at least for me.

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