Sunday, December 28, 2008


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Lizzy Dabczynski and I'm obsessive about all things Peter Pan, and I think it's very important to visit Neverland on a regular basis. Some people aren't quite sure how to take that.
The thing is, Neverland is very, very real.

There are two types of Neverlands, you see.1. Physical Neverlands are personal and different for everyone. They are places you've visited that hold serious sentimental value. They are places where whenever you visit or have visited you sit there, look, see, smell and suddenly your mind, your heart, your spirit are all in the same place. Everything feels at peace and though there may be discontent people, wars and economic crisis elsewhere - it's not in your Neverland. No, not where you are. Because you're in your special place! You're in Neverland. You're standing in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. You're at Westminster Abbey. You're in a canoe, on a lake in Waterford, Maine. You're sitting by a fire in your house at Christmastime. You're in a forest in Michigan.

2. Mental Neverlands are also personal and different for everyone. There are two branches of the mental neverlands, and the thing about them is that people will try to tell you they're "imaginary" but that's a deceiving, candle-snuffing lie. They're very, very real inside your mind.
The first borders on imaginary, in that you must create it, and change it as your life changes - but it still exists, therefore it isn't imaginary. It is your place of daydream. It is the place in your mind where you are Elizabeth Bennett, and yes, you do fight Pirates, thank you very much. It's the place where you can go skiing through lush gardens or go cliff-jumping off a giant Shortbread cookie. It's where you can think clearly, breathe, feel and know lots of things about yourself and the world around you that you wouldn't have realized had you not visited.
The other mental Neverland, which I think is the far most important type, is the way you live your life. Neverland is conceptual. You decide: will you think happy thoughts today? Will you try to hold on to a child-like state of innocence? Or will you be a greedy, old pirate? It's deciding to believe in fairys - that is to say, believing in those small things that often go overlooked. I think fairys are very real. Not only are they beautiful little creatures that fly around us when we're not looking, they're concepts - they're hope, optimism, charity, love, and general goodness. To believe in fairys is to have faith in people and their potential. Your living Neverland IS those days when you wake up happy, knowing that it will be a good day. Then it is a good day. And you got to sleep with a smile on your face.
That is Neverland.
Welcome, and please, please - come again.

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