Monday, January 14, 2008

Still enjoying the humor

So lately, as i've been trying to find an outlet for my anxiety and a solution to my stress, i've realized a far better alternative to becoming a hermit and hiding away. I just decided to find friends in different places! Away from here. And thus it has happened that on Sunday I visited some friends in a different area of dorms. They have NO idea who the people are i my life, nor do the important people in my life know who they are. Tis a fantastic feeling!
And just today, two of my friends that i've been..well...friendly with over the past semester both suggested that we go on a date! My what can happen in just a week!
Relationships fall apart, relationships mend and new relationships are born all so quickly!
I am content and I know that God loves me.
Yes, all of the experiences - all the lows and all the highs testify that to me.

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