Monday, October 18, 2010

In Real Life?

I was thinking about Transformers the other day. I know. Weird. It's because our landlord has these guys redoing our driveway - extending it and paving it and crap. And at night they've been leaving their gi-gumbo sized equipment in the driveway. And when you come home late at night, and all you see is this massive silhouette of machinery glinting with the evening's dew, well it's creeptastic, okay?

And I've been thinking to myself - there are some movies that I could handle as being real.  Cars, for instance. I wouldn't mind it if my cars talked and had personalities. Superhero movies would not be so bad in real life, either. If there's a super-villian hanging around town, I'm okay with it as long as Batman or Spiderman will kick his patootie.

But Transformers? Dag gum that would be scary. And I'm real, real glad it's all pretend.

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