Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Falloween Decor

I went for a wee visit to my sister's the other day because she had some boxes of clothes she was going to give to good-will and, as we all know, little sister always have first dibs on older sister's good-will-box.

While there, I noticed her Falloween display, as I've decided to call it. It was (is)  gorgeous arrangement of fall inspired things - leaves and candles and what not - interspersed with some Halloween delights - "spooky, scary!" and jack-o-lantern lanterns. 

So I totally ripped it off. Shamelessly. I went to Tai Pan trading, where she got much of her stuff, and made my very own Falloween display. And I will give her credit where credit is due.

Now, before I show you pictures, will you allow me a brief word about Halloween decor? I have pretty solid opinions about it.  And here's the main solid opinion: I like Happy Halloween. Not Scary Halloween.  No blood and guts and gore and zombies that hang by the door and scream at me as I walk past. It's a cheap thrill and, come on people, I'm just not that kind of girl. I like happy carved pumpkins that smile at me and look like they're winking, too, because of the flickering candle inside. I don not appreciate the trend of carved pumpkins with their pumpkin guts spilling out of their mouths to simulate pumpkin barf.  I know I eat too much Halloween candy, you don't need to take the responsibility of carving me a pumpkin to illustrate the negative repercussions. I like happy. traditional costumes. Please, put a white sheet over yourself and cut eye holes in it. Please do NOT put a gerrymandered headband on that makes it look like you've been screw-driver-ed thru the head. Ew.

So, needless to say, I have created a fun, happy, positive, uplifting Falloween display. Emphasis on the Fall, with a little "Halloween" and inspired by my sister.

 My Falloween display.

Sister's idea to put the pumpkin candle thing on the candle stand. Brill.

The sister has something that says "Spooky." Can't remember if it's this exact one. Candy corn, orange ribbon, and orange candy-filled goblet are my genius. 

 CANDY!! Inspired by my friend Rose.

Cute, cheerful, sparkly-winged bat! There is a little one hanging in the display. I named it Waldo. Can you find it? 

Halloween sparkle garland! 

Fresh gourds!! And by "fresh" I mean that I picked the ones that had the least amount of fruit flies buzzing around them.

Again, with the lights on so you can see. I love the little balls of twigs. They're reminiscent of haystacks. Hooray for them.

Happy Falloween, everybody!


  1. Looks great, Lizzy! I always liked how you did those displays, cause they really set the tone to a season/holiday. Is stuff at Tai Pan trading pretty cheap?

  2. And thus, the future Bell and Bean children will forever look forward to "happy pumpkin on the candle holder" forever.

    Ya welcome.

    Looks great, incidentally. Next up: (thanksgiving then) CHRISTMAS.

    Awwww you get a Christmas tree of your little Bean own this year!!!