Monday, October 4, 2010

Flex those Metaphorical Biceps!!

Go ahead! Watch it. Start around 2:18.

Sometimes that's how I feel. The little yellow one with the googly eyes.

I'm not shy about that fact. It's just true.

I know what I'm good at and I know what I like. Oftentimes I just stay where I am because it's safe.

I could have majored in something other than music when I came to college. But may I be honest? I was too nervous to branch out. I've been doing music my whole life. I get it. I'm good at it. Though I may not LOVE it - it was the safe choice. And I wrote off other majors before I had even really tried them, e.g. "I can't be a nursing major...I wouldn't be able to do the chemistry classes..."

And I succeed. That's a fact. And it's a fact I'm really grateful for. But the reality is, I succeed largely because I keep myself in arenas where I know I can be successful. Tricky, right?

And totally subconscious until a day or two ago.

But I'm graduating soon. And I have so many ambitions. And what's funny is, I can do new things and hard things if I don't think about them first. Like that one time I planned a month long, seriously successful escapade across Europe.

But planning my future? Really?

I think "I can't do that. I'm not good enough at such and such a thing."
And the like.

I hate thinking that way. It's sort of embarrassing. And by "sort of" I mean "really."

I'm deciding that I need to try things before I decide whether or not I'm good at them or like them. I'm really good with food! I'll try anything, a few bites, before I write it off completely. (Because, let's be real, fish ARE food and they and their little crustaceous friends are DELICIOUS!)

So I'm trying to turn a new leaf - to try to be a renaissance woman (but just with a lowercase "r.")

And even though I've just really done it mentally, at this point, it feels really good so far.


  1. This reminds me of a post I wrote a long time ago. Just know you're not alone!

  2. Take your don't want to be near 40 regretting the things you should've done and hating on your job.